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How do I tell my parents that I think I'm a psychopath?

I'm 14 (I know that's young for analysis and for me to even be thinking of it) and over the past two years I've lost whatever parental connection I have with them both. I've had counselling for self-harm then social anxiety, but throughout both treatments I've felt as if I was doing it for attention. Not the self-harm, but when I told a teacher (I needed to) I felt almost proud at her reaction. And she said that I'm an intelligent girl, that's the part that stuck with me the most.

I've come to my conclusion because I fantasise about killing people more than three times a day, at least. I use people. I act nice because I know it will get people to trust me, therefore I can use them. I'm an A* grade student, but I've never revised for a test in my life. I suck up to people a lot. I tend to boast in a way that makes me seemas if I'm not, so people don't think I'm a show-off, therefore getting me into more people's good books. I have a major superiority complex, and I've been rude to people that try to outdo me, even my friends. I've recently had an argument with an old friend, and I have isolated her from her friend group (along with my old best friend who decided she'd stay with her) and got my mother to talk to her father who now believes everything I've lied about. I've been told that my opinion on cannibalism is odd, because I have nothing against it. I just don't eat meat because vegetarians seem to be superior. I am different in almost everything that I do, and while it may not seem like I do to most people, I love being the centre of attention. I lie to people about others to stir up trouble, and I tell secrets because people are boring. Secrets are everything to me. Every friendship I've ever had is fleeting and I grow tired and begin to hate people quickly. When I am friends with a person, it's usually suggestive or flirty; male or female. I tell lies to gain attention, and so I gain other's secrets to use against them, when I get bored. It makes me out to be a friendly, kind person. Like some sort of business.

But does that make me a sociopath/psychopath? And because I'm under 25 will I be examined or not? And how can I ask my parents? My father and I often watch crime programs (because they interest me) and he talks about how he thought he was a psychopath too, but I don't believe him. He had an isolated childhood with overbearingly religious parents. Admittedly, my father has hit me and my mother isn't the nicest with her words, but family doesn't mean anything to me.

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    um, they probably know?

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    Just kno that there are good ppl out there..and try and find happiness in your life that doesn't hurt ppl and maybe u care about yourself more than everyone else but everyones different..just try and worry about being happy and so what if you like crime shows..things like that are interesting and remember that we live in a messed up world so don't let anything or anyone push you over the edge. You can change

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    You sound like me. Im 14 year old girl and practically DREAM about killing people! Because i hate everyone. I have stabbed many people in my classes with a pencil because of things they do, or out of boredem. If you tell your parents, they'll probably react like mine did. "Oh, you're still young, give a while." "just a phase" "You THINK you are, but you're not." All that jazz.. Dont get a therapist, dont go to teachers or etc because they only make it worse..

    What i do, it i draw out my anger. As in, i keep a secret journal of my creative deaths!

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      I am 13, and a psychopath. I feel no remorse or guilt, I fantasize about killing people every hour and rape. I have no regard for human life, I think people are just objects to be used and manipulated. I also lie a lot. I am impulsive, and live a parasitic life style. I also like living on the edge.

  • You should just show this to you're parents. You need help one way or another.

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