What are some online TDM games out there worth checking out?

Hi, I'm looking for some games that have online team death match that are worth checking out. For a while I was into Call Of Duty, mostly World At War and Black Ops, then I got into BF2 and 3 for a bit, but like COD, those games became tiresome. For the past year I've been playing Max Payne 3, which has exelent TDM online, but after a year I'm tired of this game as well. I tried both GTA V and BF4 but was not happy with their TDMs. I was thinking of just picking up COD Black Ops 2 or COD Ghosts, but I already know they'll get old quick. Can you please recommend me some other games that have great and still active team death match? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  • 6 years ago
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    You can try borderlands one or borderlands two. I've played both and they are pretty awesome. It's kind of like an RPG (roll playing game) but with really good online!

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