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I can't find the dog I want?

I have been trying to look for the perfect dog but I can't find one. I have been trying to look for more breeds but they're all the same different kind of dogs.

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    I like beagle. They seem responsive, its a plus for me.

    You might want to check what characteristics of a dog would you want. Start from there.

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    If you can't find the dog you want, don't settle. Nothing is worse than getting stuck with a dog that wasn't what you were looking for because you had an impulse.

    Do some research. Ask friends about their dog's breed, go to local dog shows or events and try and get some breed info from the people there. You could always ask the local vet if they could give you any tips on finding the right breed for you.

    Be careful when asking people about a breed. They've fallen in love with THAT one, and most want EVERYONE to have one, so they'll try to sell you on it. For instance, owners of Border Collies (like yours truly) will tell you how smart they are, how loyal they are, how great they are as walking partners. What most people won't tell you is how destructive they are as puppies (or when they are just plain bored), how much they like to herd little kids, and how badly they typically are with cats. Always be sure to ask for the good /and/ the bad about a breed. Get the whole story and then think to yourself whether or not that breed sounds right for you. If you have any doubts, move on. You'll know when you've found the right one.

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    I've had my beautiful boy for 5 years and I can't imagine life without him, but we didn't start out that way. Arriving at the shelter to pick him up on the wrong day should have been my first clue ...

    You should think about what sort of lifestyle you can realistically offer a dog: are you active? Lots of runs? Big back yard? Home a lot? Other pets? Children? Can you afford regular grooming? Do you have experience with dogs?

    I went to a shelter with a list that sort of went like: needs to be good with cats ( I have cats ), no puppies ( I didn't have time for toilet training or other puppy needs ) must get along with my mum's dogs ( we would visit them a lot ), needs to be big enough to be scary-ish ( I was living alone in an isolated place ) but not too small or energetic ( I'm a bit of a couch potato ), have a low mainenance coat ( I only worked part time and was paying rent ) and must be good in the car ( I had a 5 hour round trip to uni 3 times a week ). The volunteers at the shelter were very knowledgable about their 'inmates' personalities and needs and suggested a mixbreed based on my vague requirements - after a rocky start, we are blissfully happy together!

    The great thing about shelters is that they often give you a trial period so that you can see if the dog really does suit you. Just like humans, it takes time to build a relationship and while knowing general breed traits is a great start, there a personalities to take into account too. The head instructor at our obedience club has 6 rottweilers and he treats them all the same, but they are all quite different!

    In the end, it doesn't matter if you friend has a great lab/kelpie/poodle/corgi/collie/shepherd/rottweiler, it comes down to you being prepared to put the time into building that relationship with your dog and incorporating them into your life. Think about adopting a dog from a shelter, I promise you, the rewards can be AMAZING! Good luck!

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    A dog is a dog all the world over there is no perfect dog, as pups they pee puke poo destroy nip that's why we rescue so many after Christmas. Are your perfect with no flaws are you like the dog you are looking for which is unique, there's only one of you in the world therefore the pup you choose will be the only one in the world now that's perfection. I have a young GSD and an old JR to me they are perfect although the JR runs this family's life's we could never own him.

    You need to think about the perfect dog as they don't exist go and look in rescue kennels at dogs that people thought were perfect for them.

    I hope you get what you are looking for think do you want big small working or lapdogs so many choices so many dogs out there. One is waiting for you my choice would be the Labrador because he will keep you laughing he's greedy so watch your counter top he will liven up your life. I would not tell you to get a JR they are hard work my one is a ratter so he's no problem in the out buildings then he comes indoors with a satisfied grin on his face.

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    Questions to ask yourself: Small/Medium/Large Breed, Long Hair/Short Hair (Consider the amount of shedding that breed has as well.), Soft coat/Wire Coat, Active/Passive Breed, intelligence level, training level (some breeds are definitely harder to train and are more stubborn.), as well as their common health problems (mix breeds general have fewer and tend to be healthier).

    Try watching Animal Planet's Dogs 101 on any breeds you want to look into for more info!

    I ran into this problem as well since I'm really indecisive, but I ended up settling with a Cocker Spaniel. They are a Medium sized breed with a long beautiful coat, are eager to please so training is pretty easy. They are a very gentle and loving breed and live long lives. I love my cocker spaniel!

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    There is no such thing as the PERFECT dog.

    Are you looking for good looks in a dog or for temperament ?

    Most people get a dog they like the look of from a good reputable breeder and then they "train" and mould the dog into as near as possible to the dog they want it to be. But not many owners ever achieve the "perfect" dog. All dogs have their quirks and ways which are far from perfect. A happy medium is the best way to go.

    Dog Quote: Be to his virtues ever kind...

    and to his faults? a little blind.

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    Ask yourself if you want a tiny/small/medium/large/extra large breed, long or short hair, look at common health issues for that breed, a mix breed or purebred, cost of maintenance for that breed, temperament and intelligence. I've always took a chance on adopting a pet in need and it has always worked out for me.

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    Perhaps get the help of a few selector quizzes? then research further into the breed/s that get your interest to see what fits into your lifestyle and what fits into what you want. Then search for reputable breeders ( if getting from a breeder is what you want), Breed specific rescue groups or shelters ( if adoption is more your thing). You can also jot down what it is you're looking for in a dog ( example: Jogging companion/active, good with cats etc etc ) to take to a shelter/rescue with you in order to gain some help from a worker to help guide you to some potential dogs/puppies.

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    Doberman Pinschers are great dogs. Mine are great around my pointer, and my kids. They are also very alert to when something isn't normal, especially around the yard, and have a rather intimidating bark.

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    the best dogs ever are poodles there are 3 different sizes and they don't have pet dander which some people are allergic too and poodles are just a great type of dog so I would recommend a poodle

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