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greatest intercontinental champion of all time tournament round 5: finals?

eliminated in round 1A: ezekiel jackson, wade barrett, goldust, cody rhodes, razor ramon, ahmed johnson, albert, billy gunn, the mountie, christian.

eliminated in round 1B: lance storm, greg valentine, triple H, curtis axel, don muraco, carlito, dean douglas, road dogg, dolph ziggler, marty jannetty & randy orton.

eliminate in round 1C: santino marella, pat peterson, the big show, cm punk, ken petera, marc mero, DLO brown, val venis, drew mclyntyre, rick rude,shelton benjamin & pedro morales.

eliminated in round 2A: big E langston, booker-T, diesel, JBL, john morrison, umaga, texas tornado, jeff hardy, mr. perfect & owen hart.

eliminated in round 2B: the godfather, the ultimate warrior, tito santana, william regal, kurt angle, chyna, kofi kingston, shawn michaels & stone cold steve austin

eliminated in round 3: kane, john morrison, test, bret hart, eddie guerrero, ric flair, ken shamrock, british bulldog & randy savage.

eliminated in round 4: rey mysterio, "rowdy" roddy piper, the rock, edge & the honky tonk man.

eliminated in round 5: ricky steamboat & rob van dam.

we are down to the finals of this big tournament & it's between chris jericho & chris benoit. let's take a look at their journey:

1) chris benoit: benoit was nice & cool through out. he first squashed carlito with a 2-0. then, he beat owen hart with a 2-1 then, he beat eddie guerrero with a 2-1, then, he squashed edge with a 5-0 in the quarter finals & he finally beat ricky steamboat with a 2-1 to make it to the finals. excellent performance.

2) chris jericho: the best in the world at whatever he does just destroyed every body who came in his path. he first beat lance storm with a 2-1, then, he squashed jeff hardy with a 3-0, then, he uset bret hart with a 2-1, then, he squashed both rock & "rowdy" roddy piper in a triple threat with a 4-0 & then, he squashed RVD with a 3-0 in the last round to make it to the finals. jericho is the legend killer.

so, this round's match will be:


the winner will be the greatest intercontinental champion in the history so, who it will be???? is it going to be the one who won it the most times or is it going to be the one who beat jericho most times to win it. the answer is in your hands.......


BQ: thoughts on tournament??

BQ1: shocker of the tournament??

BQ2: best performance of the tournament??

BQ3: any suggestions for the next tournament(please do it by checking all the completed tournaments)??

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    Chris Jericho Def. Chris Benoit via Submission after Benoit tapped out to the Walls of Jericho.


    BQ-Good Tournament and a Shocking One Too.I checked up the previous match cards and the matches were amazing.

    BQ1-The Round 2B was shocking.Big names like Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold etc were eliminated.

    BQ2-Chris Jericho as Y2J defeated Legendary Performers of All Times.

    BQ3-I would say you always do good tournaments.Just keep it up.

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    Chris Jericho def. Chris Benoit via Submission 5/5

    BQ: That was nice tournament of IC Champions

    BQ1: Big Stars were eliminated (Ex: The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Triple H)

    BQ2: Chris Jericho

    BQ3: Greatest NWA/WCW Wrestlers and by the way. Keep it up with your tournament.

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    Chris Benoit after he make Jericho tap out with crippler crossface..

    BQ- it was kinda full of shockers

    BQ1- HBK Elimination

    BQ2- Chris Jericho.

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