How messed up will it be that a 11-5 NFL team might miss the playoffs?

We got teams like Bears,Cowboys,Eagles or Lions who will make it at 9-7 because they are division winners. But NO or Arizona if they both win nxt week one of them will sit out at 11-5 is that really fair? It happened years ago with NE 11-5 if a team like that can miss so can a 12-4 team one of these days what are your opinions on this?


In my opinion i believe that 10 win teams should make the playoffs its tough to win games in the nfl. So if you are an 11 or 12 win team and you still don't make it? That is very messed up!

Update 2:

Blind- I know but then the 11-5 Arizona will be left out thats what i am talking about. One of those 11-5 teams will miss the playoffs.

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  • 6 years ago
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    The scheduling formula is fair, and the Cardinals controlled their own playoff destiny on September 7.

  • Cu Tie
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    6 years ago

    I agree. The only good thing about this is that it will finally force the NFL to change its playoff system within the next 2 years. I think that almost every NFL fan would be very happy with having the 7th seeds in each conference making the playoffs, and 2 extra games in the Wild Card round, in exchange for one less week in the preseason. Plus, these changes would move the Super Bowl up to January, as it should be, in the first place.

  • In 2008 the Cardinals limped to 9-7 while feasting on what was almost certainly the worst division in NFL history, going 6-0. Other teams had better records but the Cardinals won the division.

    That's just the way it goes, the Cardinals blew their opener in St. Louis and laid an egg against the Eagles a few weeks ago. If they don't make it in they are to blame.

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  • blind
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    6 years ago

    As a Pats fan, I know that messed up feeling you speak off :/

    But hey the rules are the rules, and only winning your division guarantees you a spot so that's what you have to gun for, not winning more than 11 games.

    And NO would get in, they own the tiebreaker over Arizona.

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  • The same 9-7 Eagles who beat the 11-5 Cardinals? It sucks somtimes, but that's the way it is.

  • 6 years ago

    They have to do better within their division. They are 2-3 with a win today.

    The loss to the Rams in the first game of the season was a killer.

  • 6 years ago

    It has already happened.

    In 1985, Denver, the Jets and Patriots all finished 11-5, Jets and Patriots were wildcards, and Denver went home. Sometimes that's the way it works, you play with the hand you're dealt.

  • 6 years ago

    almost as crazy as when the Seahawks made the playoffs at 7-9 a few years ago

  • 6 years ago

    It sucks to be fan of that team but it happens from time to time. No playoff system is perfect.

  • Bobbin
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    6 years ago

    That's the nature of wild cards. Win-loss records don't mean everything. It also matters how you got there.

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