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Switching from Western to English?

I work at an English barn and I've really started to like English riding but I've always rode western.

My boss offered me a discount on lessons since I am an employee and I've taken up the offer

What do I need? Would it be silly to buy breeches, half chaps, and the shoes because I'm just now beginning or should I just stick with my jeans and boots for now?

Any tips on switching?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Like you, I started out western but after a little while the flat classes and speed events just didn't satisfy me anymore and like a lot of people I felt the need to leave the ground. That's when I switched to english. I was like you when I switched, unsure of what I needed but a friend suggested to me that I not go out and spend a bunch of money on new riding clothes and boots and tack for my horse right away because it could turn out that maybe I wouldn't like english riding as much as I thought I would and then I'd be stuck with a bunch of English gear that I wouldn't be using and a id have a lot less money in my pocket. So, with that being said, my advice to you would be to stick with what you have (jeans and western boots) until you make up your mind about riding english. If you like it, buy the gear. If not then hey, you don't losing anything :)

  • 7 years ago

    I almost always wear jeans when I ride english unless I feel fancy that day. Western boots are fine to wear and like you I started off western and then english and I love it!

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