How hard is it to live in the alaskan wilderness alone?

If you were to set out to alaska and attempted to survive starting with no kinds of tools but your bare hands how would you go about it? are there any real stories of people who have been lost in alaska and tell their survival story in detail


its quite obvious by the first 2 answerers that there aren't too many experienced people on here i guess i shouldn't have asked the question

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  • larry
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    6 years ago
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    I am quite sure there are many individuals that have spent more time in the Alaskan wilderness than I but I do have enough experience and knowledge to be able to give you sound advise... "With no knowledge of the ways of the wild and no tools(equipment) you will not survive. Even the prehistoric individuals that crossed the land bridge into north america did not come empty, tools and a working knowledge of living from the land.

    In my "Learned" opinion, there are four "Requirements" to survive in a wilderness environment.

    1)"Pure Drinking Water" is your most important asset. Be aware there are places in Alaska that receive less precipitation than the Sahara desert.

    2) You will need the materials necessary to "Make Fire" in "Wet or Dry" conditions. In Alaska a heat base is vital no matter the season.

    3) You will need "Shelter From the Elements"either a good quality tent or the knowledge and ability to build an adequate structure with materials at hand.

    Source(s): 4) You will need a "Sustainable Food Supply" which obviously requires knowledge of the ways of the wild. Are you familiar with the book "Into The Wild"? That kid basically "Starved To Death With A Full Stomach" because he ate a plant that looked identical to one in his "Edible Plant" BOOK but caused his intestines to stop functioning in transferring nutrients to his body. I would "Suggest" if you are planning such a journey that you become acquainted with someone knowledgeable and experienced with the Alaska wilderness and allow him/her to be your mentor. Good Luck.
  • 6 years ago

    You need to wait for Glacierwolf and Bear Crap to answer. They live in Alaska and would be happy to tell you the truth about how deliciously fantastical your question is.

    I'll go pop some popcorn and wait.

    My own survival instruction was in Montana in the 1980's, in March, where it was pretty cold, but not like Alaska. And even with a bare minimum of survival tools, it was no picnic. While I am far from being what I consider an expert (the Mountain Man who very patiently TAUGHT me was a bonafide expert, and not because he said so, but because he demonstrated it every single day.), I can tell you with reasonable certainty that without experience in cold weather, basic survival, understanding of flora and fauna indigenous to the area, and a working knowledge of simple day to day operations in NON primitive conditions in that environment, the likelihood of survival is pretty close to zero.

    Like I said, wait for Bear Crap and Glacierwolf. They are our Alaska guys.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    well first you would probably have to have some outdoors background, be intelligent, and have the ability to keep your head together under the conditions to make the right moves to provide shelter, water and food for yourself rather quickly ..

  • Dan
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    6 years ago

    Not hard at all, if you discount the bears, mosquitos, Badgers, and other fauna.

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