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TEENS: what do you normally wear this time of year?

American Eagle or Wrangler Jeans, Nikes, Normally a long sleeve shirt mainly from ( HELIX, American Eagle, Aero, Zoo York, Hurely, Volcom ), mainly a walmart pull over or an American Eagle or Aeropostale coats.

NOTE: I buy all my clothes myself, I am not a spoiled brat..

BQ: what's your favorite thing about Xmas?

BQ: what are you hoping/ or know what you are getting for Xmas?

- Thanks For answering, BA will be chosen in 2-3 days, Happy Holidays :D!

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  • Tris
    Lv 4
    7 years ago
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    I don't really change my clothes year round like most people, so you'll probably find me wearing fuzzy boots in summer and flats in winter as well as vise versa(:

    I like to wear shirts from American Eagle, Hollister, Rue 21, Abercrombie and other places. I like to wear jeans from Hollister and Abercrombie. I also like to wear skirts and jean shorts though, too, which is uncommon to most people in winter(: And I like beanies, stockings, leggings, scarves, etc. For shoes I usually wear Nikes or Uggs or other boots or flats. My off-brand clothes usually come from So or Walmart(: (**NOTE I also buy most of my clothes or receive them as gifts from my sisters or friends**)

    BQ: Hm well I guess you have to say I'm greedy because I love getting presents, especially if they are books I have been wanting to read!<3

    BQ: Well I guess you already know I want books, haha.. But I have peeked to quiet an extent and know that I am getting: a new Mac laptop, iPhone cases, a huge cat stuffed animal, coffee, perfume, a lot of clothes, books, Mac makeup, nail polish, custom Beats, a pair of Ugg boots, a whole Vera Bradley bag set, painting and art supplies, and other things that I can't remember at the moment, haha(:

    Merry Christmas!!~ <3 <3 :D

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  • I usually wear lots of sweaters, scarves, beanies, jeans, skirts+tights and jackets.

    @ your note: Okay...

    BQ: The food and presents! Oh, and the smell of Christmas tree.

    BQ: I'm getting clothes, for sure. I picked some out and some other unknown things. I'm hoping for a certain sweater.

    Happy Holidays!

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  • I live in Australia so it's summer.

    Some of my favourite things to wear during summer:

    Thongs (shoe not underwear) nova.

    Orange wedges from pulp.

    Denim shorts; plain, acid wash, ombre, Aztec print etc usually from Ally, just jeans or supre. Love shorts because I have to wear a school skirt (40 weeks out of the year I'm stuck wearing a school uniform).

    Crops tops a lot of the time (great for lazy days, beach and showing off my belly ring) usually from supre or minx.

    Also tank tops, singlets and a few tees for when I have family over or need to be appropriate, usually from portsman or myer miss shop.

    BIKINIS! I live a few minutes away from the beach and have a pool; it's a must. I have many from Myers, bras n things, jay jays, rip curl, playboy and a few internet sites.

    BQ: dad having time off work; Xmas is one of the few opportunities I have to spend time with him.

    BQ: I have gotten texts book for my final year of school and my grandmother will most likely give me money.

    Source(s): Meeeeee
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  • 7 years ago

    Either jeans, a tank top/t-shirt and a sweater, or a tank top/t-shirt with a sweater and warm leggings. Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing jeans. And then I wear cozy warm scarves, warm wool socks and my combat boots.

    BQ: The family time. It's just so cozy!

    BQ: I think I'm getting a pair of Toms Nepal boots, which is really nice, because I don't have any warm boots. I have rain boots, and combat boots, but nothing warm.

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  • 7 years ago

    If I don't go out, pajamas or sweats. If I do, boots, winter dress, tights, a sweater, and a thick cardigan. I buy my own clothes too.

    BQ: The festivities associated with it and the perpetual feeling of happiness.

    BQ: I want a new phone case, notebooks, and pens.

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  • 7 years ago

    Normally I wear jeans&#x2F;leggings and a sweater&#x2F;cardigan and then some scarf.

    BQ: Food

    BQ- I know I&#x27;m getting a sewing machine... I came home and there was a package at the door that my dad asked me to get, but he didn&#x27;t think there would be a picture of the sewing machine on the box lol. I&#x27;m excited to use it, hopefully I can make something wearable this break.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I dress very girly. I usually wear lots of sweaters and scarves at this time.

    BQ- the vibe and that positive atmosphere

    BQ,- I just wanna get my hair done. If possible, maybe some money for some more clothes. I don't usually ask for much, because Christmas isn't about gifts. In my religion, its Jesus' birthday.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sweaters, cardigans, long sleeve tops, sweatshirts, jeans, tall boots, scarves, leggings. Layering is your best friend especially during this season.

    BQ: The food, christmas movies galore, snow, winter break.

    BQ2: A car, I know I'm going to get one, but I'm running out of patience so I'm basically begging my parents to get me one before winter break ends.(I'm paying for half of it so I'm not completely spoiled lol).

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  • 7 years ago

    Pajamas lol

    BQ: The Winter

    BQ: probably some video games and clothes

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  • 7 years ago

    What I wear all year round, converse, jeans and a hoody.

    BQ: Snow.

    BQ: I asked for clothes this year. All of mine keep getting ruined at college (art student).

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