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In an alternate universe: If Crown Princess Victoria married Crown Prince Frederik?

Let's pretend Mary Donaldson stayed in Australia, and Daniel remained a personal trainer.

What would happen if Crown Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Frederick got married.

What would happen?

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    As things currently are:

    Victoria would have to renounce her rights to the Swedish throne, therefore she would be initially HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark and eventually HM The Queen of Denmark, along with an amorous Frederick X. In Sweden, a happy Carl Philip would immediately become HRH The Crown Prince of Sweden and eventually HM The King of Sweden.

    If Victoria somehow managed to stay The Crown Princess of Sweden:

    Then she would eventually be both Queen Consort and Regnant. If their first born was male, then that boy would eventually result in a personal union of the Kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark. If they have only girls then the eldest daughter would again be the monarch in both kingdoms. If they have first a girl then a boy, then the girl would eventually become The Queen of Sweden and the boy The King of Denmark.

    If Denmark adopted by then equal primogeniture:

    Then their first child would eventually inherit both kingdoms anyway.

    For real life examples where reigning monarchs were to married each other, then see:

    Almaric I of Cyprus and Isabella I of Jerusalem.

    Frederick II of Germany and Isabella II of Jerusalem

    Fernando and Isabel, The Catholic Monarchs

    Philip II of Spain and Mary I of England

    William III and Mary II - Joint Monarchs

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    Short answer: Women are allowed to keep their titles when marrying below there class - and a child of a Monarch and a Duchess-on-her-own-right ranks higher than a grandson of a Monarch which is actually a commoner (yes, a Prince can be a commoner!) She is currently: HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland. Since, Harry will certainly receice a peer on his wedding day, say Duke of Sussex, then she will then be: HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Princess Henry of Wales, Duchess of Sussex, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland. However, any children of theres will only inherit titles from Harry, unless the King of Sweden decides to give additional titles to his new grandchildren... If they ever divorce, she will just go back to her former titles...

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    Next to her brother ,she and her children would be real Hrh royals.Her children with the Prince make them top royal catches and honor amoung the family.If her brother doesn't want to rule ,she would like the Queen of Uk does.Along with her husband Frederik..He would be a real title and not hanging out their for the family..He would be a power figure royal...

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    we would have to drive on the other side of the road, and all mcdonalds staff would be lovely.

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