I need help with character names please?

Girl #1 -- She's always had a sense of confidence about her, maybe that's because her parent's have given her everything in life and she's never had to earn a dime for herself. She's got money. Lots of it. And every time she needs something she goes running to mommy and daddy. She thinks people love her when really they just think she's conceited and mean. People are afraid of her because she could ruin them within 5 seconds. But she doesn't care because she knows that it's the only way she could possibly survive in high school. She's got the perfect life, the money, the looks, and the confidence. She's got the pretty blonde hair, and the blue eyes that could melt you with just one look, she could get just about any guy she wanted, yet she thinks it's more fun to play games. (Looks based on AnnaSophia Robb)

(please don't tell me she's stereotypical she's got flaws and I'm going to make them known throughout the books, she's not perfect and people will see that I promise)

Girl #2 -- She's with a new guy every week and probably doesn't even know what the word commitment means. She's very bubbly and outgoing, but sometimes her brain is more like a bubble than anything, full of air. She has no idea what's going on half the time and therefore just follows the lead of her friends. She's probably the nicest of the girls, most likely because she can't often think of anything to say that sounds witty. Most people don't like her, mostly because they see her as a whore, but she doesn't even know what that means. She's got gorgeous dirty blonde waves and beautiful greenish/blue eyes. (Looks based on Nathalia Ramos)

Girl #3 -- She is the smart one of the group, and is usually the most cautious of what she does, but also being the smartest she's the quickest on her feet when it comes to comebacks. She's also the girl that knows everybody's business and will spread it like it's her job. She is head of her school's paper, and also is on the yearbook committee. She's the most organized of the girls and is typically getting everything in order for their plans. She's not rich per say, but her family is well off, and she's been friends with (Girl #1) since they were in 1st grade. She's always on her phone or on her laptop (some might call it an addiction). She's not afraid to have a good time either, she's just a little more careful than her friends about her actions. Her best asset (according to her) is her hair, but her eyes are just about the prettiest thing anyone's ever seen, a big deep brown eyes, and a brain, what more could you ask for? (Looks based on Victoria Justice)

Girl #4 -- She's probably the most talented of the girls. She's spent her entire life singing and acting, and with her friends support and her parent's money she's gotten pretty far in her career. Already landing rolls in small theater productions, and occasionally singing at the Disney World parade. She works hard for everything she has, and she knows things have to be earned not just given. She's quite intimidating, but she can also be sweet and innocent. She's got dreams, big dreams, and hopes one day that her dreams will take her to bigger things than just theater productions. She's extremely pretty, with her dark brown long locks, and chocolate brown eyes. (Looks based on Zendaya Coleman)

Also if you could provide a few male names as well it'd be much appreciated <3

I would like first and last names for the characters, but anything is appreciated. Here is the link to where the story may be found. http://www.wattpad.com/32869592-the-a-list

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    Girl #1 = Sealia, Cassandra, Lisa, Kirsten, Kaela, Skylar, Pandora

    Girl #2 = Lilly, Cassidy, Sophia, Violet, Nancie, Alexandra

    Girl #3 = Lexie, Samantha (Sam), Kloie (Said Chloe), Chloe, Annie, Joanna

    Girl #4 = Terra, Morgan, Janelle, Tayla, Titianna, Bethanie, Addison

    Male Names:








    Hope this helps! :)

    Source(s): My brain, I always try to find names for my characters so I have heaps stored :)
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    ^This can generate unique names or common names.

    Source(s): Website xD
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