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Big aquarium on third floor apartment?

I live in an apartment building in Charlotte NC. This apartment complex was build around 2005 and I'm sure each floor can support quite a bit of weight but I'm not sure... I'm about to buy a 120 gallon fish tank. With the water, glass, substrate, and stand it will weigh roughly 1200lbs. The tank is 4x2x2, this means 150lbs per square foot. THATS ALOT OF WEIGHT. I plan on placing the stand on a 6x2.5 wooden platform to spread out all that weight. This means it will be more like 80lbs per square ft. A contractors safe weight per sq ft is only 40, but that is only to save their *** in case there is a bad joist or rot. So anyways, obviously even though I'm fairly knowledgable it still bothers me because I can't tell where the floor joists are, because my subfloor doesn't have plywood with nail marks labeling where the joists are located, or where the weight bearing wall is, simply because I have no damn idea where a weight bearing wall is! Help me out here. Is it safe, where should I put it. Give me some advice, preferably if you're a contractor or in the construction world.

The picture I posted is my living room going out to my balcony. Where the tv is, is where I want the aquarium.

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  • Robert
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    6 years ago
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    The standard structural weight limit in apartments is 40 pounds per square foot. That nothwithstanding, the Brooklyn Aquarium Society has always maintasined that tanks up to 200 gallons are safe. I have a 70 on a stand witha 50 underneath it on a 4.5 x 2 x 2 foot platform board and there have never been any problems. A big heaver dresser witha TV on it exerts more than 40 pounds., and those don't even have boards under them to spread the weight distribution out.

    Source(s): IRobert Price, Ph.d, Ichthyology, board of directors, Brooklyn Aquarium Society s there a structural weight limit in apartments?
  • Amber
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    4 years ago

    Are you worried that a really big tank might be heavy and break the floor and fall down on your neighbor? A refrigerator weighs more and it's fine. My friend has a 55 gal in the second floor. it's fine, except I don't think the landlord is too happy about it.

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