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Retirement for the USA ?

This is what I think the USA government should do... To fix the economy and clean the USA up.

I would abolish NASA, the USA no longer has a space program.

I would Scrap every ship in the US navy's current inventory, and cancel all future projects.

and rid the US army and Airforce and Marines of its current equipment.

I would replace it though, it very high quality equipment from Britain.

Retiring the USA from military and space power, leaving Britain as is, the number 1 superpower.

This would decrease the USA's expenditures by over a trillion.

This money could be used to fund police that could get our cities back.

We could use that money, to build an iron curtain between us and mexico, and hire and better equip, more border patrol agents.

We could also, at the same time, go down the database looking for those who are wanted by the FBI, CIA, ICE, the ATF, The Sheriffs and Local police departments.

Get rid of gangs too.

If you're in the KKK, The Nazi Skinheads, the MS13, Mexican cartels, The Hells Angels, the Mongols, the Pagans, Crips and Bloods...

You're out... you're in prison for life, that's it.

You do drugs, you're under arrest, and going to drug rehab, mandatory, and you don't get out until the DOCTOR says that you're rehabilitated.

If you're here illegally, you're gone.

That's what we could do, by accepting nolonger being the world's military and space superpower at the cost of trillions every year.

We could clean America right up.


And Britains Empire, after the collapse of the King's authority is doing better than the USA in terms of crime and violence and threat.


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    Nah, we've had an empire, thank you; your turn now!

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