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hi im 33 and married my first bf got in contctd with me on fce bk at the start?

the start of the year

I started chattng to him thought b nice c what each other had bn up 2 and then we wld go our way

things were fine and then he startd sayng that he never stop lvng me he knw i ws marrid

he thn startd sayng really hobbile things abt my husbnd he has never meet him

he dsnt hve much going 4 hm in his life which i never judgd him on and ws always nice to him

i kept chattng to him whch i shld hve stp and then meet 4 a drnk

after tht he just stop txtng and got really nasty sayng i ws a whore and im fat and lts of other thngs

when we were together i ws puite thin

i hve cut contact he has a gf nw

i feel really hurt and am lft wnderng why does u get in contct with smeone after tht lng to jus b nasty is it hes jealous tht i marrid i told him i wldnt leave my husbnd 4 him

we brke up cse he cheatd on me i ws really in lve he will always hve place in my heart

i wsh didnt bth me and i lve my husbnd bt hve develp feelns 4 ths guy

hes a guy tht thnks its k 4 hm to cheat

3 Answers

  • 6 years ago
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    I think it's trying to communicate.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You've got to break contact with the first boyfriend because losing your marriage over something that might have been is not worth it. You've moved on. He is, anyway, cruel and does not respect you (after he cheated on you). Just block him on facebook and on your phone. Refuse all contact.

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  • 6 years ago

    can you please read a book and learn to type, good god

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