help please middle school history questions 10 poinnnntttttssssss for any answers even if you only one?

Question 34.34. Whose administration featured a "New Freedom" agenda that included a graduated income tax?

(Points : 3)





36. Which Supreme Court decision allowed for the segregation of blacks in "separate but equal" facilities?

(Points : 3)

Dred Scott v. Stanford

Marbury v. Madison

Brown v. Board of Education

Plessy v. Ferguson

5. What was the purpose of the Espionage and Sedition Acts that were passed during World War I?

(Points : 3)

to reduce debate and dissent over U.S. participation in the war

to prevent spies from gaining information about U.S. submarines

to eliminate communists from the United States

to protect civil liberties

Question 46.46. Which was one of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points?

(Points : 3)

an end to economic barriers between countries

financial penalties for Germany

reparations for Britain and France

the ceding of some German territory to France

55. How did many farmers deal with the Dust Bowl?

(Points : 3)

They formed co-ops and purchased irrigation equipment.

They developed drought-resistant strains of their crops and recovered from their losses.

They closed off some farms and created joint areas where they shared water resources.

They left their farms for California.

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