What kind of a learning disability I have?

I think I have a learning disability. When I was in elementary school I used to get All A's smae in middle school in High school I used to get A' and the occassional B's. but In college I began to decline in my performance. For example I am a 5th year college student close to graduating. I have an overall gpa of a 3.00. This semester though I got an A a B a C and D in my accounting course. Avccounting is my major so I have to retake the D. I studied my but off for my accounting final and still got a D on it. I am becoming very frustrated and no matter how hard i study i still do bad on my tests because i dont retain information anymore. I used to have a good memory and not anymore. I had a MRI and they found a 4 mml cysts but the neourologist said thats not related.

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    I don't think that is a learning disabilities. But it may be it also could have something to do with other things that are going on in your life. Also maybe find a different way to studying and be careful not to over study also.

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    You may not have a learning disability, just poor work ethic, which is something that can be changed, especially if this didn't persist all your life.

    Factually, you can't develop a learning disability after birth, with the exception of dyslexia. There is an acquired form of dyslexia called Trauma Dyslexia, a disorder that generates from a significant injury to the nervous system of the brain, or it could be caused by a stroke. However, it's not that prevalent and doesn't serve as a diagnoses.

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    It does not sound like you have a learning disability since you did very well up until college...is anything going on in your life that could be contributing to a poor grade? anxiety? depression? family/friend issues? sleeping problems? The class could also just be very difficult, maybe the professor teaches it in a way that is hard for you to learn or maybe it's your seating location in the class...Also, what all have you done to help your grade? Do you attend all of the classes? Do you attend review sessions (if they are offered)? Have you talked to your professor about your concerns in the classroom? Also, what about a tutor?

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    You are not suffering from a learning disability, you just didn't do well in a course. It happens to even the best of us.

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