Me and my gf are hoping to have our first child. what is the chance is pregnant?

Me and my gf had sex on the 16th. Im 99% positive, I nutted in her. Yesterday she had a white, clearish color dishcharge which I looked up and said it because she is most likley ovulating. Last month her period ended on the 28th which makes sense she is probaly ovulating right about now. What are the chances she is pregnant. 

Bonus Question: I got a test and it says rest 5 days before expected period but I also read it takes 2-3 weeks before a accurate test. It wont be 3 weeks before here expected period so when will be a good date to take the test.


Where it say rest I meant test :)

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  • 7 years ago

    If her period ended on Nov 28th, she IS NOT ovulating right now.

    You really need to spend more time educating yourself about the female body because, no offense, but, your post is chock full of inaccurate information.

    You think she is pregnant. Well, how could she be ovulating if she is pregnant? SHE CAN'T be. Besides, this is NOT the time she would be ovulating due to the date you give about her period ending.

    You are "99%" sure that you "nutted her?", what is that supposed to mean? You are not 99% sure of anything, as far as your post shows.

    If her last period ended on Nov. 28th, it will be much less than three more weeks for her next period to be due. She should be getting her period any day now, NOT in the three weeks you say.

    Like I said, buddy, you have a lot to learn.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It mean 2-3 weeks after sex.. Have her test 5 days before her period is due, if its negative it may be because there isn't enough HCG hormone for it to show up yet, so then have her test a week after her expected period.. Hope this helps & good luck to you both!

  • Ramon
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Apparently, to you, a sentence that is a question does not need a question mark. The lead question has one because Yahoo! Answers places it automatically. "What" is a word that expresses a question. "What are the chances she is pregnant?" is a question. Why no question mark here and on any question you ask here? Your ages are not indicated. The national trend these days is for a male and a female not to get married and to have children. The trend is to engage in sex without much knowledge as to human sexual reproduction. I suggest you learn to compose a proper sentence and to write one correct sentence at a time. I did just that. There are free lessons online. There is free information as to human sexual reproduction online. I suggest you find them.

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