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how much is my football worth?

I have this football that is autographed by a lot of football players. Its signed by Bob st. Clair, john Mackey, art Thoms, y.a tittle, Eric Dickerson, deacon Jones, ken stabler, jimmy Johnson, don Maynard, roger craig, Charley ?(couldn't make out his last name) and a couple more players whose names I couldn't make out. The football is a Rawlings and still in its origanl box but unfortunately the box has a tear and a pen mark and some wear to it. The football also is in kind of poor shape but I don't know what is considered poor shaped so I am wondering how much of is worth. I would also like to know how I could get it authenticated cuz I don't have the papers and if it would be smart to hold on to it for a couple decades cuz im only 19. Any answer would be helpful.

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    Take it to a reputable sports memorabilia shop and have them take a look at it... They would be able to tell you if it is worth anything or not..... Good luck....

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    You have some great names on that ball. Lots of Hall of Famers.

    Take the ball to a Sports Collecter's Show, if you can, to get it checked out, or to a local Sports Memorabilia shop.

    Charley Krueger, maybe? DT from the SF 49ers in the 1960s. Played on the same team with Bob St. Clair.

    Good luck.

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