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I was wondering how to set up a ASUS maximum performance WiFi adapter.?

I am building a computer, and I do not want to get one of those cheap flash drive WiFi adapters.

I have some understanding that that WiFi adapter I have in mind has to be plugged into the motherboard. Here's the my motherboard

MSI LGA1155/Intel B75/DDR3/SATA3 USB 3.0/A&GbE/MicroATX Motherboard B75MA-P45

Here is the WiFi Adapter. I would put a link but for some reason that is blocked.

ASUS(PCE-N15) maximum performance Wireless-N Network Adapter

All I need to know is how to properly connect this to the motherboard. A link to a video would be appreciated greatly. Feedback would be awesome!


By the way I don't have the budget to afford another Ethernet cable. My bill would be increased by 30 bucks a month.

2 Answers

  • DrDave
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    If you're concerned with the poor operation of WIFI, why would you even use it? You're building a desktop. If you want optimal internet performance, use a wired connection.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    if you don't know how to install it than you really shouldn't be building a computer.

    anyway, all you have to do is just plug it into a PCI port. They look similar to ram ports, but a bit shorter.

    Source(s): I have an understanding for all the components of a computer and especially the motherboard.
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