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How corrupt and unjust is our Justice system?

This kid who killed four people and paralyzed his friend, isbm getting no punishment basically after DUI. pathetic. Now i know why Gerard Butler did what he did in law abiding citizen lol. But on a serious note, this kid deserves to rot in prison. Just bc he has money , he wont be punished. And liberals want to rehabilitate him instead of punishing him. omfg, i feel so bad for the victims families

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    Let's not confuse real life and movies. Television and Motion picture police shows have no relationshiop to the real world, at all. Star Trek is more true to life the TV cops shows. "Law Abiding Citizen" was a fiction movie.

    The boy who got the light sentence in Texas is disgraceful. But, that in no way indicates that the "system' is corrupt. The Judge made a lousy decison. But, just imagine how many thousands of decisions Judges make every day in all 50 states. Some are bad, but most are good. Judges are human, not divine.

    I think the boy should have been sent to juvenile detention until his 21st birthday (which is probably the strictest sentence that would be allowed by law for that case). But, once again, that one decision in no way should impact negatively on a system that handles over 13 million cases a year

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    LOL! So it's LIBERALS that want the rich to go free when they do crimes. I must have missed a memo or something. 8^) Frankly, I am about as liberal as anyone here and I'm just as upset about it as you, maybe more. (I do believe in rehabilitation. In this case, spending a few years in jail and being treated like the rest of the scum there would be a great rehabilitation for this guy.)

    The problem is that justice in the US is not free. You can have all the justice you can afford. This is why, for example, 80% of cocaine users are white but 80% of cocaine prisoners are black. This is why GW Bush skated on a DUI charge and Cheney was never even arrested for war profiteering.

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  • Frank
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    I haven't heard any liberal claim that he should be rehabilitated. I've heard several say it's an injustice. Are you just making that up because you don't like liberals?

    Keep in mind it was a Texas judge. Another one from that state sentenced a pot smuggler to 40 years, after sentencing a guy who killed his girlfriends baby - to 18 months.

    Other judges do a lot better.

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  • 6 years ago

    its more corrupt than anything

    Justice is suppose to be blind

    but those who have the $$$$$$ can do almost anything and get away with it

    the same thing goes for political pull(Kochman) case in Chicago

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