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What to eat when you have a bad cold BESIDES soup?

What should a person eat if they have a bad cold that they can buy at like a fast food place or take to go outside of chicken noodle soup? I'm not sure if maybe something like Noodles & Company would be ok, or what would and wouldn't be ok to eat. Nothing that requires cooking yourself though. I heard to stay away from dairy products, but what other things should I stay away from? Trying to figure out what to get my friend to eat, but I feel limited :/ Macaroni and cheese is dairy, but not sure if staying away from dairy is specific to things like milk itself

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  • 7 years ago
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    ” Foods that boost the immune system.

    Eating the foods listed below may help ward off colds, are tasty and just make the body feel good.

    Garlic is known to have immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Eat favorite garlic filled foods as much as you can.

    Decaffeinated hot teas. Peppermint tea, decaffeinated green tea, detox tea or any other flavor can help sooth the throat and inhaling the steam can moisturize the nasal passages.

    An apple a day! Make that any fruit a day. Eat lots of fruit. It is packed with vitamins and the flora in your intestines love the soluble fiber.

    Vitamins and minerals.

    When the cold season is in full swing here are some of the best vitamins and minerals to take and how to take them.

    Vitamin C. Everyone knows that vitamin C is great to take when sick. It boosts the immunity and taking 100mgs of vitamin C regularly can prevent colds and flus. Take vitamin C in therapeutic doses of 500mg to 1000mg per day to aid in shortening the duration of the cold or flu.

    Zinc is used to make the hormones that tell the immune system to get in gear to fight colds and flu viruses. Taking small amounts of zinc at the first signs of a cold and during the infection can significantly shorten the length of the cold. There are plenty of products with zinc to fight colds on the market. Try nasal swabs or lozenges following the package instructions carefully.

    Vitamin A protects the integrity of mucus membranes and helps prevent infections. Other than taking the RDA of vitamin A in a multivitamin it is not advisable to take extra vitamin A. Just try eating foods rich in vitamin A like carrots, spinach, red peppers, and sweet potatoes.

    Calcium. Getting the right amount of calcium in the diet can help the immune system by boosting the alkalinity of the body. Viruses, bad bacteria, and other body invaders thrive in more acidic environments. Making the body more alkaline can aid in weakening the cold virus. Take no more than the RDA of calcium. For most people it is around 1500mgs. One great way to get calcium during a cold is to drink calcium fortified orange juice.

    Probiotics. Seventy percent of the body’s immunity cells are in the intestines. So, it makes sense to keep the environment in the intestines nice for the good bacteria to grow there and stimulate growth of more immune cells. Probiotics in the diet promotes a healthier intestinal environment. Eat yogurt, miso, and other fermented foods. ”


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