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since the grocery stores don't carry any cajun food where can I get some?

I live in Indiana and I go to Krogers and ask for Boudin sausage , they look at me as what are you talking about , Krogers down south carries it but not in Indiana same thing with Gumbo and etouffe and beniots . I lived in texas and Louisiana for years and I lost my job so my family told me to move up here and I am finding it hard to get any cajun food at the local stores , I even checked , walmart what can I do to get cajun food in my state or have it delivered to my house .

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    If you can't find Cajun food, make your own Cajun seasoning. Cajun spices are easy to find and available in almost all local supermarkets You need, oregano, paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt. Put the mix into an airtight bottle, give it a good shake, and you have your own Cajun seasoning to marinate in crawfish, gumbo, clam bake etc. Most immigrants may not find their own type of favorite food, but as long as they can find the spices, they can make it as good at where they are *

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    Try Papa Roux or Yats, which are Indiana restaurants that serve Cajun food.

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