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61-71. Thank guys. I can't find these questions, and when i do find something that is part of the questions its answers aren't what i am looking for. Also i have a couple more questions but im going to try to find those answer myself. I have a big time reading problem and trying to understand the paragraph.. Thanks guys. A lot.

Following the Civil War, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were passed. What large issues did they address?

states' rights, slavery, and the Electoral College

slavery, equal protection under the law, and voting rights

voting rights, popular sovereignty, and declarations of war

impeachment, equal protection, and war reparations

. What was the effect of the Homestead Act on western settlement?

It had little effect on western settlement, but a big impact in the South.

It brought a great number of settlers to California.

White Americans settled much of the Great Plains.

It slowed the building of the railroads because the best land went to homesteaders.

. How did western settlement affect Native Americans?

It brought income, as settlers paid for their expertise.

It didn't affect them, since they remained on their reservations.

It created an opportunity for cooperation between Native Americans and settlers.

It forced them from their lands.

Which men were responsible for the development of the steel and oil industries in the United States?

J.P. Morgan and Nelson Rockefeller

Dale Carnegie and James Duke

Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller

Gustav Swift and Robert Kraft

How did railroads influence modern business practices?

by creating reasonable scheduling expectations

by forming corporate boards

by issuing stocks and bonds

by resisting standardization

What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act?

to provide an agency to restore public trust

to develop another revenue source for the federal government

to eliminate any agreement or contract that restrained trade

to promote trade with foreign countries and develop overseas markets

Which organization of craft unions focused on improving wages and working conditions?

Eugene Debs's American Railway Union

Bill Haywood's Industrial Workers of the World

Samuel Gompers's American Federation of Labor

Terence V. Powderly's Knights of Labor

How did the immigration of the late 1800s differ from earlier immigration?

Immigration was much easier because of faster processing.

Early immigrants came largely from northern and western Europe while immigrants from southern and eastern Europe dominated the late 1800s.

Immigrants in the late 1800s came with greater wealth and more education than earlier immigrants.

Immigration was better organized, so most immigrants had jobs before they arrived and moved quickly to assimilate all over the country.

Which group of presidents is in correct chronological order?

Lincoln, Jackson, Jefferson, Washington

Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln

Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Jackson

Jackson, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson

Which group of innovations and inventions is in correct chronological order?

cotton gin, reaper, telephone, box camera

reaper, telephone, box camera, cotton gin

box camera, telephone, cotton gin, reaper

telephone, cotton gin, reaper, box camera

Which statement is true of relations between Native Americans and the colonies or the United States between 1607 and 1900?

Native Americans suffered hardships when Europeans first arrived in North America, but relations improved during the 1800s.

Native Americans avoided contact and conflict with non-Indians in North America as much as possible.

Native Americans opposed European colonization at first, but in the 1800s chose to assimilate into white American culture.

The desire for land led colonists, and then the United States government and people, to push Indians off their land and destroy their way of life.

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