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What should models look like?

Do you think models should demonstrate an average standard of beauty? Meaning, symmetrical, (usually small) aesthetically pleasing features. Or do you think models should look edgy and atypical?

At what point does a model go from striking and unique, to ugly? SHOULD models be striking and unique, or should they be easy on the eyes? If you could "rewrite" industry standards, what would you define as a high-fashion, or magazine editorial model?

Abstract or Classic?

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    I think models should be unique. If you want simple, go find a Kmart model. And being striking doesn't mean being weird-looking. You know, models represent the clothes. Exquisite, original, and different from other clothes (everyone else). Their body shape is also an attention-grabber. Who are you more likely to notice, a short, stout girl-next-door type girl or a tall, slim woman who, though she doesn't fit the norm of what's beautiful, is stunning in her own way? Take, for example, the ever-popular Cara Delevingne (who has always been my favorite model). Some may say he nose is too piggish, her eyebrows are too bushy, lips at too much of a down-slant, but put it all together and you have one fine-lookin' woman!

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    In my mind, I beleive that anyone could be a model and look like one. Models usually get done up with a high amount of makeup by professional people which I think can contour the face and perfect people so anyone could look pretty. I am 16 and there was a girl in my class that recently started modelling. At school I would not picture her as a model based on the look of her face. When she is done up with hair and makeup she is nearly ir-reconcilable. They make her skin flawless, highlight her eyes and darken and prefect her eyebrows which all adds to make her have a stunning overall apperance.

    My point is that now days models are not choosen by the look of their face usually. Its by there body. She is very skinny and tall which is what models are defined as. They are picked by these characteristics.

    I beleive all body types should be modeled as society should accept and beleive everyone is beautiful.

    Agencies just look for this 'perfect body' of tall and very thin to model usually their clothing and this is what shows the clothing off the most

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    Is this a writing topic from school?

    I will define a model as someone whose job is to show off a product. For example, runway models show off clothes. In that case, yes I do think they should small pleasing features. why? because if they are edgy or atypical, that takes the focus away from the clothes (the whole reason they were hired in the first place was to show off the clothes so people would buy it). Most designers want small framed models since their clothes flow off them: these models are basically walking clothes hangers. Do i personally think they are pretty? eh, not really. but i get why designers go for this standard.

    that said, if you were to define "model" different from me, you could arrive at a different conclusion.

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    Runway models are required to be small for many fashion industries because the designers make one size of clothing. But there are many different sizes of models in magazines and such. So I guess it depends on what type of modeling.

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  • Pretty good, actually. But besides those nice body and pretty features, models have to know how to present what people put on them to sell in the best way a model could.

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    i dont have any concept more over i dont like models way of diets,,for me they should be in healthy mode dont be slim or fat,,but i know its not what people thnk

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    ummm in one word flawless

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