Websites accessed without wi-fi?

When my iPhone 5 is connected to the my wi-fi, I can access many other sites, but not this one: But for a strange reason when I'm disconnected to my own wi-fi, and use 3G I can access that site easily.

Can someone explain why this is?

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  • 7 years ago
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    try accessing the same site via pc or any other wifi enabled device , if this happen there might be a dns error or a block to the site , but the site seems to be ok , and one thing check your ip address by going to with that ip try accessing the site and if you didn't get it ,then restart the wifi router and check the ip if changed and again accesss the site in iphone with wifi if it gets it might be a dns issue the dns server couldn't direct to the site , or change the dns to in router get in to router

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