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Thoughts on the AJ Lee and Michelle Beadle incident?

There's a lot of different reports to this. One says that AJ got pist at Michelle for calling CM Punk (Her real-life BF) a "F**K Face" because apparently that's what Michelle says to all her friends and she .considers CM Punk a friend. So here comes AJ and she starts yelling and curses Michelle out. Another says that this was a scripted shoot by AJ for the WWE App but Michelle didn't know that it was scripted. The last report has an anonymous wrestler as an eye witness saying that AJ never raised her voice or cursed Michelle out. Even CM Punk took to Twitter saying that he felt AJ was set up and how it's hard to do things the proper way for a company that won't do the same. No matter what really happened AJ Lee has some backstage heat right now with wrestlers and the bosses.

I thought this was a little weird because I didn't consider AJ the jealous type. Still though, I can't blame her if she felt she had to defend her man. I don't think the WWE should punish her though by dropping the title and jobbing to the Total Divas.

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    I think AJ Lee is a pathetic little girl who is very immature, CM Punk is surrounded by women so every time someone says something about him or talks to him, she will fight with that person? She needs to grow up and hopefully he sees what she truly is and leaves her.

    She is jealous and pathetic

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    Did you know that AJ shaves down there?

    I know because she had a wardrobe malfunction last night and her left lip was visible.

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    You got to show some professionalism, maybe WWE shouldn't be inviting people who refer to their friends as ********, and I don't know why the hell NBC condones that from one of their correspondants, they should be embarrassed too!

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