What school - airline managament?


in my dreams is me as CEO, or something high as CEO is, in airline company.

I'm now on high school of economics, but what next?

Maybe some college of transport (air transport)? Or continue in "wide" economics? No no.. I want to specialize in something.

I'm living somewhere in Europe now, I have U.S. citizenship, and my future school must be in California :-)

Do somebody have tips for school, if I want to be leader of airline company?

It's sounds weird and unreal, but I just want to know it..

Many thanks! :)


I don't think it's airforce thing if I want to work in commercial airline,.. With airforce I can maybe easily reach ATPL pilot licence.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The CEO of airlines seldom come from the pilot ranks. They come from the business ranks of MBAs that the corporation has to elevate to management (btw, learn how to spell management before applying). Your writing skills basically s*ck so learn how to write before applying as well. Somewhere in Europe is not a good place to get your basics entry to the aviation market. Get somewhere else. All of the corporates have the European market pretty much inundated with talent. Check China.

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