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What are the virtues of having sabr in the time of hardship?

sabr = patience

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    In this day and age, no one can understand the importance of sabr more than Ahmadi Muslims after they are severely persecuted, martyred, discriminated against in education/work/social, forbidden to say 'Assalamo alaikum' and more. Just like the companions of the holy prophet (saw) were, even our beloved prophet (saw) himself.

    The following is taken from the Friday Sermon delivered by the 5th Khalifa of the Promised Messiah (as) on 12 November 2010:

    "Sabr means not to let out a word of complaint or annoyance

    for the hardships that one faces in the way of Allāh, and to strive in His path

    with high resolve and steadfastness while seeking His help through prayers. He

    who bears every hardship for the sake of Allāh and overcomes all temptations

    and keeps away from sin is the one who truly practices sabr."

    "...Sabr is also a kind of worship. Allāh says that those who

    practice sabr will be rewarded beyond measure, which means that they will be

    granted limitless bounties. But this promise is only for those who hold on to

    sabr. When a man devotes his life in the cause of another and is tormented for

    his sake, the one he serves will ultimately avenge him and destroy the

    tormentor. The same will happen in the case of our Jama‘at which is serving the

    cause of Allāh.

    "Bearing sorrow and anguish strengthens one’s

    faith, and nothing is more powerful than sabr."

    "...Only those who are humble and meek can practice sabr, the

    arrogant cannot. Allāh says that those who are humble and steadfast and offer

    prayers are the ones who truly believe that they will return to their Lord. The

    patience and prayers of the believers make them even more humble. They never

    waver in their resolve and are willing to lay down their lives rather than impair

    their relationship with God. They believe that this world is transitory and that

    they will ultimately have to meet their Lord. Hence, they find it essential to

    follow His commandments and would rather court death than deviate a hair’s

    breadth from His injunctions. Today it is the distinction of an Ahmadī that he

    strives for piety with humility and meekness and does not hesitate to lay down

    his life for it. They are the people who have been promised mercy and blessings

    from their Lord".

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    Salam The virtues of having sabr in time of hardship just like done by prophet Ayub s.a.Allah at last will help the related person Allah is near the sabr person so Allah will hear his/her duas. Sabr/patience does not mean being silent or just sitting idle without any effort and duas to Allah for overcoming or solving its problem.

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    Well sabr (Patience) gives you a chance to accept the reality of the hardship. It's the only way out - you can't figh it or cry about it. As soon you accept the reality then your brain jumps from (feeling bad) to (Thinking of ways to get you out of that situation) pretty quick. That's why patience is very important.

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    every one so far has great ways of explaining it

    but no matter what, allah is gonna reward you . Say if you really wanted some thing and it would hold the key to ur future i.e education but you couldn't get it but you were waiting and waiting with out no complaint then allah will give you the education soon because you waited

    and that's the reward and by having patience you at heart will be satisfyed


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    Have you ever heard of Prophet Ayub (Job)? He had everything in life - he praised God. God took it all away from him and gave him diseases - he still praised God.

    God gave everything he had back to him - due to his patience.

    Sabr (Patience) is the key to life - both in prosperity and in hardship

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    Idk but when you trust in God you'll have patience because you trust Allah will make it easier and things will get better.

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