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Running IE 11 on windows 7 Won't go to the login page for all email - yahoo aol gmail HELP?

email login page won't advance in aol yahoo gmail running W7 ie11

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    Because Internet Explorer 11 is so new you can change how the page can display correctly. You need to change the settings for that website.

    1) On internet Explorer, there is a tools icon on the top right of the page, click on it. It should be next to the star and house icon on top near the address bar.

    2) Select compatibility view settings

    3) Type in the address of the website and click on Add.

    4) Click on close.

    5) Now refresh the page that you were on.

  • Jack
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    I have a solution for your problem. Stop using Internet Explorer. It is riddled with problems. Down load and use Firefox or Google Chrome. Then life will be good again.

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