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I was dismissed by my employer but I think it was unfair. What could I do?

I was working at Frankie and Benny's (East Midlands Airport). As you might know airports get less and less busy by the time winter comes, so they started giving me less and less hours [less than my contracted hours!]. Because of this I found another job (3 days a week) and asked my Managers for those days off (thinking: what is the difference between giving me 3 days off randomly or asking for 3 days off?) The next week they put me on the rota for the afternoon shift which clearly collided with my other shifts at work - I got so upset I posted a comment on Facebook (in our secret facebook group which we created when we started the job - only we could see what was going on inthe group) saying they ****** me up.

The next day I was called into the office. I had this disciplinary thing, my GM wrote everything down then she said she will make a call to see what will happen next. She told me 20 minutes later that they suspended me - so I handed in my resignation (I wanted to resign for ages by that time, I couldn't deal with the discrimination anymore - I'm Hungarian).

So the week after the GM from Luton came and we had a meeting, I had to say how sorry I am and what a bad person I am. They asked me if I still want to leave the job and I said of course. After that I got a letter saying I got dismissed for gross misconduct.. Which I find unfair, as no one told me that I can not resign when suspended!

I think they should have told me this, because in that case I wouldn't have bothered with that and wouldn't have expected to be treated normally. In my mind I had this picture that I was 'safe' because I resigned. I understand that it was silly of me to write that comment, but all English people can ask for any days off. I also tried to ask my GM to put me on the morning shift on those days, but she said that is not possible. She also said she can not send me to High Street Frankies because 'it is different' (since then many English people ware sent to High Street for the extra hours), and she said I just have to deal with it.

I would also like to mention the fact when an English girl posted this on her own wall: 'Cheers to the table who walked out without paying. I now have to pay the £15.25 you didn't! I hope you get food poisoning and die. Pricks!'.. No one said anything about this, she could easily get away with it.

Also, they still haven't sent any paperwork (P45 or anything), even though all this happened weeks ago.

Any tips or advice on the topic? I still couldn't find a job and I don't know if this is going to affect my possibilities at being employed.


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    i fail to see how you have been treated unfairly.... you acted like a child, and you were fired for your actions.

    your feelings dont matter in this situation.... neither does what you THINK should have happened or should happen.... time to move on. you should know that nothing is private on the internet..... everyone knows this.... and even if you THINK its private, someone obviously ratted you out.

    any tips? dont act like a child and piss and moan about things that dont go your way when it comes to your job. you cause your own fate.... sorry

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    The gross misconduct was not resigning while suspended. It was badmouthing your employer on Facebook. What gives you the right to tell your employer what days and hours you are going to work there from now on and what days you want off? That is not how it works and you should know that.

    The other girl posted her opinion of customers who ripped her off, leaving her to pay their bill. There is a huge difference between that and your badmouthing your employer for not giving you the days and hours you requested.

    I think that your being Hungarian has nothing to do with your employment issues. From what you described, it sounds like your behavior got you fired and assuming they were not going to write "gross misconduct" in your file, was an erroneous assumption.

    If you are not happy with an employer, you should not badmouth them to the world or to anyone. However, no employer is going to put up with any employee dictating to them when they will work and when they won't. The job is the job. When you accept the job, you are accepting the days and hours required. If they change, you can ask for other days but, telling them you are now only available on certain days and at certain times would be unacceptable to any employer.

    Your choice is to accept the job's days and hours or find another job that has days and hours that you prefer.

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    You can resign any time you want, you had already told them you resigned before they handed you the paperwork saying they let you go. But anyway, whats the difference, you didn't want to work there anyway?

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