1994 f150 4.9 mfi 2wd 2 door automatic gas tank removal.?

I have a 1994 f150 4.9 automatic mfi 2wd 2 door after axel rear single gas tank.

I would like to know exactly with detailed instructions on how to remove the gas tank.

I have removed the filler neck tube the nuts & bolts that are on the gas tank straps & yes the tank is empty.

It will not drop just straight down. There is only 1/4 inch clearance all the way around the gas tank.

I cannot remove the rubber hose that is attached to the gas tank filler outlet because it has a heater hose clamp & it is impossible to remove it.

I tried to wiggle it out but the rubber hose is interfering with the removal.

I cannot remove the bed.

If I can remove the rubber hose it will be a lot easier than removing the bed.

thanks for any help.


To liverhuyen2003.

I'm not having an issue removing the fuel lines just to get the tank dropped to get to the fuel lines.

the rubber hose that is attached to the gas tank outlet is preventing the gas tank to drop down.

Please read my question again

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    7 years ago
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    There's always the option of cutting the hose then replacing it with a new one when you reinstall. Smaller daimeter hoses aren't expensive. You might also want to try one of the F150 forums on line, there's a wealth of info and helpful tips on them from experienced F150 owners that have come to my rescue several times.

  • 7 years ago

    It's too bad the bed can not be removed. There is a tool and it's available at virtually every parts store.

    Just tell them you need the garter spring tool to release the locking clips for Ford fuel lines. (Several sizes)

    If not, then you're talking about the crazy circular space-ship looking connectors then yes, you can undo the fuel lines (I didn't have one along time ago to release the clips so I looked in my Chilton's and there is a see-through diagram of it and you can figure out how it works. I did this:

    Take some thin, non-corrugated cardboard and wrap it around the fuel line so that it's loose but just a tad larger than the hose( make sure you do this on the correct side of the connector), and wrap electrical tape around the cardboard right up to the leading edge so it strengthens that edge and gives thickness. Then cram it into the recess of the connector while twisting and it should come off, you'll have to pull to make them separate. Make sure you depressurize the system first by loosing the fuel filler cap !

    Thin plastic that is stiff would work much better but I didn't have any. Maybe take an old two-liter pop bottle and cut a strip 2-1/2" wide and a few inches long and wrap that around it, it would be perfect now that I think of it. You'll have to play with thickness, but you'll get the idea when you're doing it.

    Hope that helped, do not cut the hose, it cost you a lot more to buy the replacement hoses than buying the little fuel line clip release set.

  • 7 years ago

    There are two different ways to get at the fuel tank. One way is to enlist several buddies to come over to lift the bed off while you replace the tank. The other way is to drop the tank.

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