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Film Lovers: Rate these directors in a scale from one to ten?

Allen, Woody

Antonioni, Michelangelo

Aronosky, Darren

Bergman, Ingmar

Baumbach, Noah

Burton, Tim

Cameron, James

Fellini, Federico

Fincher, David

Coppola, Francis Ford

Godard, Jean-Luc

Hitchcock, Alfred

Jackson, Peter

Kubrick, Stanley

Lang, Fritz

Lee, Spike

Lynch, David

Murnau, F.W

Nolan, Christopher

Petersen, Wolfgang

Polanski, Roman

Scorsese, Martin

Scott, Ridley

Spielberg, Steven

Tarantino, Quentin

Truffaut, Francois

Welles, Orson

These are some of the most revolutionary and popular directors in film history

I don't know all of them, some of them, I've never seen a film by

Just rate the ones you know

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    1. Truffaut

    2. Fellini

    3. Woody Allen

    4 Bergman

    5. Hitchcock

    6 Coppola

    7. Lang

    8. Spike Lee

    9. David Fincher

    10. Goddard

    11. David Fincher

    12 Speilberg

    13 Kubrick

    14 Antonioni

    15. Polanski

    16. Scorcese

    17 Welles

    18 Goddard

    19 Lynch

    20 Tarantino

    21 Tim Burton

    22 Tarantino

    23 Ridley Scott

    24 Peter Jackson

    Most of my favourite directors are not on this list. However I do rate the early films of Woody Allen, Spike Lee and Steven Speiberg very highly

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