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Best places to live short term in usa?

Okay! Hi guys! I'm a girl in year 9 in AU, and considering going to USA on exchange in year 10. Oh and by the way i will be going for a semester starting August so consider the weather and stuff! i love snow! So my question here is which are the best cities/states or whatever in America??? The main ones I'm looking towards right now are New York and California. Should i go with one of them or are there better cities? And any advice about school in America? Thank you!

Oh and by the way I LOVE sightseeing and any pretty cities/towns with amazing attractions and fun stuff! and if theres cute parks to walk around (like central park in NYC) im there! lol! but i hate deserted towns...

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    if you like snow then Boston is the place for you

    lots of stuff to do

    nightlife, museums, public parks, shopping and more, and it is quite an attractive city

    in Boston you will not need a car, The T (local subway) will take you just about everywhere you'd want to g, anyplace the subway doesn't go, MBTA buses will take you, however, mass transit does shut down at 1235am

    for events or nightlife

    do not stay in Roxbury Dorchester or Mattapan

    stay in Fenway, Jamaica Plain, Allston/Brighton, West Roxbury, or in the neighboring communities of Somerville, Watertown, Newton or Waltham

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    I would say New York City. Los Angeles is a pain to get around if you don't have a car, whereas NYC has great public transportation. It's also pretty easy to see the states around it (CT, MA, etc.) whereas that's more difficult in California. You also won't get snow in California, but you'll get it in New York.

    I've never been to Chicago, but people really like it. You'll get snow but it's VERY cold and windy.

    Boston and D.C. are also cool cities. You'll get snow there.

    New Orleans is incredibly fun...but very hot in the summer and doesn't snow, and if you don't drink you probably won't have the best time.

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    First off, you won't find snow here in August. August is hot and in some parts of the country, muggy and humid.

    To come study here, you are going to need a family to sponsor you. Here in the U.S. year 9 is Middle School and the age range is 13 - 14 yrs. Unless you are over the age of 18, you can't just come and enroll in school. You will need to find a study abroad or student exchange program to work with. Here in the U.S., middle schools don't accept exchange students. In order to be an exchange student you need to be in your Jr or Sr year in High School.

    If you have already been selected as an exchange student, then I'd choose California. It's a much larger state with much more diversity.

    Source(s): Mom/Gramma - We've hosted many foreign exchange students and Daughter was an exchange student in the UK
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    Go to California. You may not get snow during that semester. If you want a chance at all, try to go to Northern California.

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