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how do i tell him or when?

I had my period first day november 16th and my period was due december 13th. I am always on time if not a day early. So i took a early responce tet this morning and it was positive. Here is why i am worried, we have a ten month old baby girl and an eight year old daughter. Well after i had our baby i had to be taken to survery due to my uterus colapsed. They told me i could not have any more children. They told me that if that single chance and i became pregnant the chances of carrying were low and if i did carry i could not ever experience a contraxtion. The aspect of a contraction could cause my uterus to colaps possible killing the baby or botg of us so a c-section is a must.

How do i tell him that im pregnant even though they told me it cant happen? Should i wait till after i see a doctor to see if the baby is ok? What should i do? I need advice and i can not talk to family.

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  • D
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    7 years ago

    I am confused about the medical aspect of your question. A uterus does not collapse. It prolapses, or it ruptures, but it does not collapse. Do you mean you had a prolapse and you had it surgically repaired? Normally pregnancy after this would not be life-threatening although it would not be advised because it could undo the surgery. If you had a rupture then that is extremely serious and if it were to happen again it could certainly be life-threatening for you and baby. No matter what is going on, you need to tell your partner right away. Then you need to tell your doctor, and get checked out, and see what they recommend to you. If you have anything going on that can affect your health or the baby's, then the sooner you address it the better.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He has a right to know.. I mean it's not just your fault.. It takes two to make a baby...

  • Maggie
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    7 years ago

    Tell him that ur pregnant. the doctors only know what they see or say.

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