Can I get into any of these colleges? Please be honest!?

I'm thinking about applying to Vanderbilt, Pepperdine, USC, Notre Dame, Cornell, Emory, Rice, Smith, Northwestern, and WashU. Below are some stats and please just be honest! I'm Asian btw.


Honors Bio

Honors Algebra 2

Spanish 2

Honors English

AP World

Debate (1 Sem)

IPR (1 Sem)

Computer Apps


Honors English

Honors Chem

AP Euro

Spanish 3

Honors Precalc

Photography (1 Sem)

Gym (1 Sem)



AP Macro (summer)

AP Environmental Science

Calc AB

AP Chemistry

Spanish 4

IB English

AP US history

Newspaper Publications (staff)

Senior (Predicted)

AP Stats

AP Physics 1


AP Spanish

IB English

AP gov't (1 Semester)

Fiber Design (1 Semester)

Newspaper Pub (Staff)

W/UW GPA: 4.18/3.78

Will prob get 4.6/3.8 1st Semester

5 AP Euro

4 AP World

216 PSAT (will prob get semifinalist)

Key Club board member

Model UN

Freshman mentor

Started international students club

Newspaper staff

Student gov't

Club tennis


I forgot to say that I'm a junior at a very competitive high school. My school doesn't do rankings, but I'm guessing I'm in the top 5% of my class. Since I'm taking basically all full weighted classes jr and senior year, my gpa by the end of 1st semester senior year will be a 4.3 . And I think I will get a 2200-2300ish on the SATs, but I won't be taking that until March.

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  • Jules
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    7 years ago
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    what is your SAT score?

    what is your ranking compared to other students in your class?

    your gpa is a bit on the low side to get into most of those schools.

    how are you paying for all these schools? what state do you live in? you should apply to some good state schools.

    have you started applying for scholarships yet? you should be thinking about that around now. many scholarship applications are due in February

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I truthfully think that you have a very good chance at any of those schools. they are competitive but you are the kind of student they are looking for, I mean look at your resume. with a 4.3 GPA, a high amount of AP classes and somewhere above a 2000 on your SAT's those schools are all within your realm of possibility. I would apply to them because you will never know unless you try:)

    You also have an impressive amount of extracurriculars as well and some of that includes leadership which is a pretty big deal to colleges. And if your school is a competitive one, I think you have a good chance.

    Good Luck With everything and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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