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I want to get 360 waves in my hair but I have straight hair. Help needed!?

My parents are both of Caribbean descent but one is Afro-Caribbean and one is Indo (India)-Caribbean. I've watched a lot of videos recently but they all say different methods. Also could you please suggest some products and what type of brush would be best. All answers appreciated.

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    Waves are laid down curls. So obviously if you have curlier hair, it's easier to get waves. But as long as there's a little bit of curl to your hair, you should be able to get them.

    If your hair is not coarse, you should be using a medium or soft brush.

    The key to getting waves is brushing. You have to brush a lot, and do it the right way.

    1) Brush the top of your hair forward.

    2) Brush the back down.

    3) Brush the sides down toward your cheeks.

    There's a good photo here:

    Try using Duke wave & curl activator. It should help bring out the curl.

    You should also be wolfing (growing your hair out). Your hair needs to be longer to get the waves to show, especially if you have straighter hair. If your hair gets frizzy or sticks up, use a pomade like Deep Wave to help it lay down. And you should be wearing a durag or a wave cap at night. They lock in moisture so your hair doesn't dry out. and the compression is good to help the waves stay formed correctly.

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