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Can you help me find a title for my series?

I am having trouble trying to figure out a clever title to my new book series. It is about this:

After World War III, the world became a wasteland. Angels came on Earth and lived in the catastrophic wasteland ever since. They built a colony called Peaceland. The demons, often called Fiends, live in the Shade, a underground city under Peaceland.

Olive Whitewood is a seventeen-year-old Seraph, living in Peaceland with her grandmother. But when Olive is hit with a brick from a runaway demon, she awakens in the hospital to be told that her grandmother has been kidnapped by Fiends.

The authorities give her a choice: pass a a demon, capture the most powerful demon on the planet, or rescue her grandmother. Or be kicked out of Peaceland forever. She chooses to go undercover.

But things do not go as planned, and Olive is kidnapped and taken to a brutal facility in the Shade. She escapes with three unlikely allies, and the four of them set out on a n adventure like no other. Olive is falling hard for a boy named Ryder, but can she fall in love with a demon? As trust and passion collides, Olive is on the hunt to find her grandmother. Even if it can change her world forever.

So, any ideas?? BTW, what do you think about the story? (it is the first in a five-book series)

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  • 7 years ago
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    It sounds like a really good series… one I would want to read! Hurry up and get this published!! :)

    Some ideas I had are:

    -New World

    -Sin City

    -Lost in Shade


    -Peace in Jeopardy


    -The Afterworld

    -Life As We Know It

    -Rescuing Hope

    -Forever Seraph

    Hope these help! Good luck on your series.

    • BTW, I cant get it published. Im only eleven years old :(

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Following Fiends

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  • 7 years ago


    Fiends and Seraphs


    Disguised in Hell

    Hiding in the Shade

    Angel's Mask

    Shade Angel

    Demon Angel

    Hope this helps!

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