How do expungements work and where do they apply?

I'm 29 yrs old and have had previous arrests for nonviolent offenses; I've changed my ways in the past few years but am planning to graduate from college by the end of May of next year (2014). I possibly may have two convictions; the first one in 2001(attempted theft over $500 and the second one in 2010 (possession of marijuana). I'm not all that bad of a person but have made some serious mistakes in the past. I've actually spent the last two years as an ROTC student but was unable to contract due to my past; by the same token, the Marines were unable to accept the due to the fact that I have had 2 convictions.

If I'm able to get any of these convictions expunged, where do I start? Can I do this individually or would I be required to hire a lawyer to file the request? ...AND if both convictions are able to be expunged, where do they apply - in the state where filed or any state where an employer is able to do a search?

I plan to graduate with a major in Business HRT and a minor in Management. Thank you for any support.

-David in Biloxi

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    expungment/sealed/ or dropped with conditions, means you it wont be used against you in court of law, or employee applications. Except the military, which you already know the process of getting charges will prevent you from joining. its a myth that sealed/expunged records will allow you to join the military.

    most likely the state where you did the crime.

    from 2001-2008, you did crimes, thats a long history even if they are years apart.

    the last question is what are you planning to do with your major?

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