How do you say "Fallen Dreams" or something similar to that in Latin?

I'm not very familiar with Latin but I wish to use it as a title for a poem.

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  • Tom L
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    7 years ago
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    A literal translation is 'somnia casa.' But Latin did not use the word 'dream' in the same senses English does. 'Somnium' was used for dreams during sleep and also for an idle whim or fancy, stuff, nonsense. For things in the future, Latin used 'spes' - hope. Where we would say 'My dream for the future is . . ,' in Latin that would be 'My hope for th future is . . '

    Spes casae = Fallen hopes

    Spes decolatae = Dreams trickled away/come to naught

  • 7 years ago

    ''Cecidit somnia'' literally means ''fallen dreams'' in Latin. ''Periit desiderium'' means perished aspiration (added that up for an alternative). Good luck on your poem!

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