i need help on a letter for language arts class.?

this is a letter that i have written for my language arts class. by far language arts is my weakest subject and i had no idea what to do for this letter.



i remember her saying something about it being MLA letter format but i don't really know much about that


Senator Boxer

United States Senate

Washington DC, 20510

to senator boxer

My name is Andrew Marian and I am writing this letter with concerns to a recent bill to the U.S Senate regarding reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

Americans today tend to believe that cloning is some futuristic technology that is only in movies however I've always believed that human cloning could save lives and also lead to cures for diseases suck as cancer. "'We would have had to be dumb not to see a business there,"'and business leads to prophet which then leads to research in genetics.

Some people criticize cloning by saying that "It would be a complete betrayal of our unique relationship with that beautiful companion animal to clone another animal from it."' Although this may be true don't you think it would be a bigger betrayal to not study the life forms genetics in search for a possibility to save someone else in the future "

On March 4,1997, U.S president Bill Clinton banned the use of federal funds for cloning research with in his country . He blasted the concept as raising deep concerns about faith and humanity."However why should we stop the research if " The medical world would save millions of lives world wide.

To conclude I believe that you should pass the bill which would allow funding for cloning because for the medical benefits.


Andrew Marian

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    First of all, check your guidelines for MLA format. Next remember basic rules of writing. Each paragraph should have atleast 3 sentences. You should keep the writing all the same. For instance, if your speaking about your personal beliefs state "I think or I believe"; if your speaking about the general population you should say "they believe or the populations belief is" and then support this position with facts and where those facts were taken from (such as if if came from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or American Nurses Association (ANA), etc..). This will strengthen your statements and positions. Also if you do use quotes you should include where they came from and who said them ( such as Jane Doe, from the CDC stated in January 2012, " xyz"). Another flaw that I saw in your letter is you might have spell checked, but you did not proof read it. For instance, a company "prophets" (this is stating that they are a prophet) versus profit (which means that they are gaining money financially from this venture).

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