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s asked in Food & DrinkOther - Food & Drink · 6 years ago

what are some good dessert ideas?

As it mentions, I need some dessert ideas. it gets annoying when all you ever eat for dessert is muffins so I'm starting to get the itch for trying something different. the ingredients doesn't matter, I can pick up pretty much anything from town on any given day since I work 6 days a week. just giv me a recipe, an approximate price and how many people it would serve. thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    Any kind of quick bread. Make them from scratch, or from a box. Banana nut bread, cranberry/orange/nut, and others. 6-8 servings. also pumpkin or zucchini bread.

    Make a cake. gingerbread cake, blueberry buckle, both feed 9.

    Make cookie bars. Magic cookie bars, or toffee bars, lemon or lime bars. Chocolate cookie, brown sugar, blond, or chocolate brownies. some of these feed 9, some 12 or more.

    Make a cake. something fancy like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, or pineapple upside down cake.

    Recipes available on

    Sorry, I can't talk to you about price, I do not know where you live, and can't tell how expensive your food prices are. And some of these recipes use a fraction of a tin of spices, unable to convert that into a $ amount.

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  • 6 years ago

    a delicious apple crumble!

    2- 4 people

    2 cups plain white flour

    2 cups of dark brown muscavado sugar ( save 1 cup for later in cooking)

    half a tub of butter

    4 cooking apples

    1.put all the cups of flour into a bowl with 1 cup of muscavado sugar and the all of the butter.

    2. mix all of this with your fingers until the flour becomes crumbly like bread crumbs.

    3. leave the mixture on the side

    4. peel the apples and cut them into flat slab slices discarding the seeds and middle ,the slices dont have to be too thin.

    5. put apples in a saucepan and add the last cup of muscavado sugar and cook and stir for 10 mins until apples are soft.

    6. add cooked apples to a baking dish,then get the crumble mixture you made earlier and put it on top until the apples are covered. dont press down the mixture .

    7. put oven on 425 f /GAS MARK 7/220 C and put apple crumble in the middle shelf.

    8. cook for 10 minutes and the top should be brown , if not add more muscavado.

    serving suggestion:

    serve with cream or icecream. add cinnamon or vanilla in cooking if desired.

    go for the cheaper brand of flour .

    muscavado would be the most expensive ,a little more than white or brown sugar. $3.27 approx

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  • 6 years ago

    try this : :

    Easy Mini Desserts

    Making easy mini desserts is a great way to save time and to impress guests. Easy mini desserts can be made in advance and served just in time for the party. There are several easy mini desserts that can be made with little baking needed. All you need is some advance preparation to assemble these desserts.

    Ideas for Easy Mini Desserts

    Use pre made mini pastry shells. You can bake these in advance and fill them with custard or pudding and top with fresh fruits such as orange or kiwi slices.

    Try making dessert shots. Shot glasses can be filled with chocolate pudding or mousse. Top these with some whip cream and chocolate sprinkles.

    Buy sponge cake and use this for trifles. Shot glasses or small glasses can hold several layers of sponge cake with cream in between layers. Add berries and syrup for an attractive dessert.

    Bake different kinds of bars and brownies and slice them into smaller bite sized pieces. The variety will be a delight for your guests.

    These suggestions require less time since you are buying mostly pre made items. Simple but very pleasing to the eye, having a wide variety of easy mini desserts can impress your guests.

    Recipes for Easy Mini Desserts

    Strawberry Trifle Shots

    1 loaf of sponge cake

    1 pack vanilla pudding mix

    1 pack of strawberries cut in cubes or chunks

    Whipped cream

    Cut the sponge cake into slices about half an inch thick. Press the mouth of the glass into the sponge cake to cut them into circles. Prepare the vanilla pudding mix according to the directions. Fill the glass alternately with sponge cake and fill with vanilla pudding and some strawberries. Repeat and top with a sponge cake layer. Top with whipped cream

    Creamy Berry Bites

    1 pack mini tart or pastry shells

    1 pack custard mix

    Blueberries or raspberries

    Preheat oven to 350oC. Prepare the custard according to directions and allow to cool. Fill the pastry shell with the custard until half full. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until pastry becomes golden. Cool and top with berries.

    Fridge Cake Shots

    1 pack graham crackers, crushed

    Melted butter


    1 pack heavy cream

    1 can peaches, cubed

    Mix about half of the graham crackers with enough butter and sugar to make it of slightly sticky consistency. Fill and press the bottom of the shot glass with this mix. Whip the cream until it doubles in volume. Fill the shot glass with cream and add peaches, dust the top with the remaining crushed graham crackers. Chill to allow the dessert to set.

    Preparation is the key in making easy mini desserts. While you do save time when using premade ingredients, you still need to assemble and make these mini desserts. It is very easy to do so however as long as you make time for it. Prepare the recipes a day in advance. You can even place them in their serving glasses and store shot glasses in the fridge in airtight containers. Make use of small plastic or wooden scoops and spoons as utensils for these easy mini desserts.

    Enjoy having a variety of sweet things to bite on with these easy mini desserts!

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