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YG Entertainment Audition?

1. I'm a Asian (Pilipina), Is it ok?

2. Im 13 years old. Is it ok?

3. I can speak Korean(Basic) Japanese(Basic) Chinese(Basic) English(Fluent) Tagalog(Fluent), Is it ok?

4. I'm good in singing and dancing. Is it ok?

5. If I got accepted do they pay for my ticket?

6. Do they give me money to pay for food, dorm, etc.

7. How long would I can be a trainee?

8. Do I need to perform also in the front of all the judges in YG?

9. If I pass in the online audition and I failed on the Personal audition(PerfomOnTheFrontOfJudges), what would they do to me?

10. If I don't get accepted can I try again next time?

Please answer me.. :))))

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    1. Yes :) You have average chance that youll get in, as long as youre asian,, for non-asians they have like 1% of chance since YG havent got any non-asians trainees and artists.

    2. Yep :) I think the age limit was 11-19 or smth. I just remember Minimum is 11

    3. Yes they will definitely teach you languagez.

    4. Of course! If youre really good, they'll definitely each you! To make sure youre real

    5. Im not sure about that:/ sry

    6. They will give you dorm, they have a canteen, and they will alwso give you allowance evryweek! After you debut you will have to paybck.

    7. Depends on your skills, YG says if ur ready, you can debut.

    8. 1st Round is the video u sent, 2nd is the YG judges, 3rd round is YG himself

    9. Nothing. I mean, after ur 2nd round, you go home. Wait for their callback. If no calls means u get rejected. If u pass they will call you :)

    10. Yes but if you r a trainee and you get dropped (kicked) then you cant come back in YG. Thats the rulez :(


    Source(s): Me research ive done this whole yr♡
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    1. It is okay if you are a Filipina. As long as you have the qualities that they are looking for. Since you are auditioning for YG, they focus more on what you can do and only little on looks.

    2. Yes, it's okay because once you get accepted they won't let you debut immediately, they would still assess if you are ready to debut or not.

    3. It is okay, at least you know the basic. They would teach you as you get along with your training.

    4. Yes it is okay because that is what they usually look for.

    5. That part, I'm not so sure.

    6. Once you become a trainee, they will provide the dorm, the food I'm not that sure but I think also provide that.

    7. Training period can't be determined easily. As I said before, it depends on whether they think you are ready to debut or not.

    8. Yes, you need to especially in front of Yang Hyun Suk during your monthly assessment when you become a trainee.

    9. I guess that means you didn't pass or they will give you another shot. =)))

    10. Yes you can. CL tried many times.

    Source(s): Watching korean shows and know a little about how training works in different agencies. Filipino here too! =)))
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    1. Korean entertainment companies look for something that will attract the South Korean audience and also the international scene. Fair skin, s-line, v-shaped face and just overall pretty. But it depends on the entertainment company themselves. But we know that YG is 100% talent and they are very open to something new so you'll never know.

    2. Yes, it's okay. Better to start early than later.

    3. It's good that you can speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese AND English. Tagalog is okay too. From what I know, entertainment companies will give you Korean language classes. Sometimes Japanese and Chinese too since they are the other two big target audience of K-pop.

    4. Yes. But being the best out there will be of great help. But being a good singer and dancer is alright too. You just have to catch their attention and stand out from the rest. Literally. They have to see some potential in you. But as for YG, it's better to be a GREAT singer. Even be the BEST. Because YG is all talent and that talent should be marketable. Practice some more before auditioning. YG is one of the hardest or probably is the hardest entertainment company to get in to.

    5. From what I know, yes.

    6. Yes. You will be living with fellow trainees in the dorm which may also cover the expenses for food.

    7. It really depends on your talent, the company and the circumstances. Kyuhyun of Super Junior only trained for 2 months. Jessica of SNSD trained for 7 years, same with Jokwon of 2AM. Trainee years can take a REALLY long time. And it is a rare occurrence for trainee years to last under a year. It's usually 2-10 years maximum. BUT, if you become a trainee, it doesn't mean you will debut. You may get kicked out or cut off for many reasons (bad behavior, not good enough, etc.) Take SNSD for example. Before they debuted, SM created a lineup for them. But that lineup changed through the time. Some stayed, some left, some were added. Those 'supposed' SNSD members are now either living normal lives or are in other girl groups. If you want more info about that, check it out here: I know this is from SM Entertainment but I think it applies to all entertainment companies.

    8. Not too informed about that, sorry.

    9. Not too informed about that, sorry.

    10. I think so, yeah.

    If you want more answers, check out videos of people who are trainees of K-pop entertainment companies and the people who underwent the auditions.

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