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how to get rid of man titties? Lmao...?

Ok so I'm 15, 6ft 1in, 230ibs. Im not very comfortable with this fat in my chest area. Its been like this for several years and I just ignored it. Now that I examine my self for a moment I kinda dont like the idea of man titties XD lol so would anyone out there help a brother out and and tell me an excersize or diet that can make me not wear a bra? lol no I dont wear a bra just a random joke :P

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    benching, dumbell curls, and pull-ups will get rid of them. If I were you, I would also work on my core because if your chest goes out farther than your stomach you will look extremely buff. Oh, and diet and stuff is important too.

    Source(s): friend had the same problem and fixed it.
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    Weight training exercises and cardio exercise,Chest Workouts help you.

    Eat healthy food - Reduce your sugar intake, Control your carbohydrate intake.

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    You are also overweight.

    Get up off your @ss & get moving.

    Dump the junk food, fast food garbage & sugary sweet soda's.

    Walk - run - jog - skip rope - bike riding - swimming - skateboarding - rollerblading - & go bowling.

    Do push ups - pull ups - sit ups.

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    do workout

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