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is this a legit michael kors bag?

my friend really wants a Michael kors bag and I found this site but is this a real Michael kors? or is it a knock off? I really don't know designer stuff to much so if I buy this for her for Christmas I want it to be real and not get ripped off

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    100% FAKE

    The official site is the ONLY site in the world selling real Michael Kors bags that is allowed to use the "kors" or "Michael Kors" trademark anywhere in their domain name. Any other site you find using these terms is never legit - they are actually breaking the law. It's called trademark infringement. So if the name alone is illegal, you know the bags are not real

    Best case - you get a cheap plastic Chinese fake that looks nothing like the real thing and falls apart in a few weeks

    Worst case - the bags are confiscated and destroyed by Customs upon arrival in the country and you face a fine of up to $10,000 for importing counterfeit goods

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    5 years ago

    Michael Kors bags only have the cream interior. Probably fake.

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    7 years ago

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