Tigres the team that ruins careers for so many players.?

Since Tuca came to Tigres he has brought 32 players for only 1 title. Out of those 32 only 6-7 are actually starting.

AP2010: Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, Omar Trujillo, Alejandro Argüello, Damián Álvarez y Juninho.

- Omar Trujillo - 4 games 292 minutes

- Alejandro Arguello - 1 game 44 minutes

- Ayala, Nilo, Alvarez, Junihno to this day are key players for Tigres.

CL2011: Jonathan Bornstein, Carlos Ochoa y Danilinho.

- Jonathan Bornstein looked as if he was going to be starter, but instead ends up being erased by the team,

- Carlos Ochoa 8 games and 168 minutes

- Danilinho - great player to this day for Tigres.

AP2011: Jorge Díaz de León, Eder Borelli, Edgar Pacheco, Fernando Navarro, Lampros Kontogiannis, Emmanuel Cerda, Abraham Stringel, Héctor Mancilla y Carlos Salcido.

- Jorge Diaz de Leon - Bench

- Eder Borelli - bench and erased

- Edgar Pacheco - erased from the team

- Navarro, Lampros, Cerda, Stringel - never really made the team, few to no minutes, erased.

- Carlos Salcido - key player for Tigres

- Hector Mancilla - great player for Tigres in his stay there.

CL2012: Elías Hernández y Edno Cunha.

- Elias: covered for Danilinho's spot

- Edno: never really impressed Tuca despite being compared to Itamar.

AP2012: Alonso Zamora, Taufic Guarch, Diéter Vargas y Luis García.

- Alonso Zamora: why did he even accept going to Tigres.

- Taufic Guarch: again why?

- Dieter Vargas - really Tuca?

- Luis Garcia - promising, experience, yet never impressed.

CL2013: Emanuel Villa, Francisco Torres y Hugo Rodríguez; además regresó Danilinho.

- "Tito" Villa: Did well but injuries have hurt his career especially in Tigres.

- "Francisco Torres: more like a Super Sub behind Salcido. Erased Manuel Viniegra.

- Hugo Isaac Rodriguez: Leaves Atlas to be bench, wonder why.

- Danilinho - benches Elias Hernandez upon his return to Tigres.

AP2013: Manuel de la Torre, Emilio López, Sergio García, Gerardo Lugo y Guido Pizarro; además, el retorno de Edgar Pacheco.

- De La Torre and Lopez: Not even one game used or even considered

- Sergio "Matute" Garcia: wasted his one game chance

- Lugo: Had some good games, but Tuca still does not give him more minutes.

- Pizarro: managed to bench F.Torres in the end.

- Pacheco: again why Tuca?

Like that we see that Tuca and Tigres are a team where players end their careers. Players ask to leave, same leave while others Tuca says no.

Notable prospects Tigres has:

- Israel Jimenez

- Alberto Acosta *scored a hat trick once in a Tigres league game vs Pumas 5-0*

- Jonathan Espericueta

- Jesus Dueñas

There you go guys. If you thought America was bad for buying so many players at least the coach gave all of them good minutes. Tuca on the other hand does not even let the young prospects have a chance to shine. I feel bad for them because some ask to leave and Tuca says no them.

CL2014: Hernan Daria Burbano

- I guess no Espericueta next season.

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  • 7 years ago
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    yeah I ******* hate tuca ferretti he's an idiot with a lot of money behind the team.. he's nothing special, he's arrogant and he doesn't consider the player's mentality.

    How does he expect any of them to impress him if they're not given the proper chance, and by the time they do get it, they're most likely out of form and/or lack self-confidence. He sees players as disposable tools.

    **** that puto

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  • 7 years ago

    I blame Tuca but also the players. They know that they will most likely be benched and they still go there for the money. Some players could have just said to their clubs that they didnt want to be sold to Tigres and gone somewhere else or stayed at their team. As far as the canteranos, some could leave the team and try their luck in other teams. Espericueta could leave and go to a team like Jaguares or Queretaro, they would likely play him more there.

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  • Layun
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    7 years ago

    Hugo rodriguez asked to leave, honestly Tigres always buys from atlas. They need to gtfo.

    Also Tuca is after Pollo Briseño from atlas, like wtf paws off Nikka, stop buying from atlas you old a$$ bytch and debut some players from the youth academy. And Elias, Pacheco, eder Boreli, all went to waste, they also tried to buy the 2011 Mexico u-17 starting goaly.. Espericuete is 50% Tigres and 50% Barcelona from what I heard but still they keeping him like if they going to play him.

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  • 7 years ago

    Wasn't this on medietiempo lol It sucks for Espericueta and bornstein. At least chivas gives minutes to the players even tho they aren't doing goood

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  • 7 years ago

    The young prospects can go prove themselves in the second division, they should only be called for the first team if needed unless he is like neymar where you can assure he will either be a good sub or starter

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  • 7 years ago

    Bornstein and Pacheco were supposed to be starting players :(

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  • 7 years ago

    He aldo said that Espiricueta didnt impress him and that he wasnt going to get any minutes as long as he's around :(

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  • 7 years ago

    so much talent wasted

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