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Can I get 360 waves with just carrot cream?

I've just started to grow my waves and bought a doo-rag, medium brush and carrot cream. My hair is low so can I get waves with just carrot cream and what have I gotta do?

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    As long as you have a brush, that's the most important thing. You have to brush your hair a lot (at least 15 minutes every day). And do it the right way.

    Brush OUT from the crown in all directions.

    1) brush the top of your hair forward

    2) brush the back down

    3) brush the sides on an angle down toward your cheeks.

    there is a picture but it won't let me attach it. you can view it at There are also lots of other tips there.

    As for products, you can start with the carrot cream. just a small amount when your hair is low. you'll want a pomade like wavebuilder Deep Wave when you're wolfing (growing your hair out)

    You'll also need a durag or a wave cap to keep your hair laid down, especially at night when you sleep.

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