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Do you think Brazil is overrated?

I don't think their national team is that good. Their star player Neymar is a diving puta, he prances around like a culero. While Hulk is a cheater who does steroids and he is overrated too. Thiago Silva is a good player however he is not good enough to stop world class players like Giovani dos Santos, Marco Fabian, Carlos Vela and Chicharito. Plus Hector Moreno is a way better defender than Thiago Silva. The Samba mayates should win the games against Croatia and Cameroon. Mayates are no good at futbol and white people suck at futbol as well. But when they face one of the top five national teams in the world in Mexico, Mexico should win a 2-0 game against Brazil. It might not be complete domination but there is no chance for Brazil in that game. Brazil is overrated and the stars for Mexico is much better than the stars of Brazil. The Samba mayates are so overrated and their good players are aging and their young players suck. While Mexico has the best youth players in the world, Guardado, Giovani, Chicharito, Vela, Moreno, Ochoa they are all very young and are among the best players in the world.

BTW Mexico accomplishments in futbol are just as good as Brazils, we won the World Cup twice, won the 1999 Confederations Cup, won gold medal in London, we won the Gold Cup record of six. Mexico might be the most accomplished national team of all-time.


@lucas Mexico beat Brazil in the 2005 World Cup remember this?

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Mexico also beat Uruguay in the 2011 World Cup. You are the idiot.

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    Hahaha are you for real? Brazil is a five time world cup winner, while mexico has only got to the quarter-finals twice! So you dont have any argument on that, mexico sucks, sorry bro, mexico usually struggles to make to the world cup, i dont think you know anything about soccer, mexico never won a world cup, you probably being sarcastic

  • Brasil 2xO Mexico in the confederations cup this year, with a show of Neymar. I think you envy the best national team ever. Brazilian team >>> Mexico

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    if you don't know what your talking about...shut the f*ck up...Brazil is FIVE TIMES champions of thew World AND the richest country in South AMERICA

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