Can I make a remake of a past game without asking permission from its owner?

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I want to remake an old classic emulator based game for windows 8 platform. It was launched in 1997-05-01 by Hudson Soft, UK for neo-geo platform. (Old Arcade games)

Think of

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory


Aero Fighters

Blazing Star

King of the Fighters '99


I want to know will it be copyright infrigment if i remake that or is that ok?

What are the pros and cons of doing this?

P.S ( I love this game and i know most of the people still do and i will use my own code and graphics for remaking)


Thanks Britt...

I contacted Konami Corporation Who own Hudson Soft now and asked them about it.

I contacted konami and sent them this:


My name is Ramis and I am a computer science student. I loved the game “Neo Bomber Man”.


produced by your(now) child company

Hudson Soft , SNK in 1997-05-01.

I want to remake this game and publish it on Windows 8 platform. Do you allow me to do that?

Note: If you are not the right person whom I should mail this, please reply with the email on which I should contact.

Thank you!



I know near to nothing about technical writing btw :P

I wonder what they will reply

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  • Britt
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    7 years ago
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    There are International Laws that protect intellectual

    property. Here in the States, it's USAC TITLE 17, 501, et seq.

    HUDSON SOFT, INC. is a Japanese firm, founded May 18,

    1973, in Sapporo , HOKKAIDO, Japan.

    Be very cautious. The Japanese are VERY litigious.

    They are very protective of products of hard work.

    Now, you can take a chance, but I would not !!

    It's just way, way easier. to call your local Public Library, and perhaps get that info.

    IF they don;t have it, call the NEW YORK PUBLIC


    Having said that, you might approach them about

    ideas for improving their product. That might put

    you in some serious money.


  • 7 years ago

    It's only a copyright infringement if you use their copyrighted software, images or sounds. The idea, function, concept or process of the game are not protected by copyright. 17 USC § 102(b), in the USA.

  • !
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    7 years ago

    Contact them and ask. Sounds like copyright infringement without their consent.

  • Trish
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    7 years ago


    Contact the copyright holder and ask for permission, for which you may have to pay. Get it in writing.

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