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Why is my dog growling?

I have a 4 year old mut (mixed with beagle, golden retriever, rottweiler, ect.) She is my best friend I love her so much. She is the sweetest dog ever, loves to play and cuddle and give kisses. She never barks, bites or growls in a mean way (not even when you put your hand by her food while she's eating!) The only time she growls = (and this may sound weird) is when TWO people kiss her on the sides of her snout at the SAME time...WHY? She doesn't growl when we kiss her one at a time but she does when we do it together? Does it make her feel frightened? Please help me understand.


I forgot to mention I've had her since she was a very small puppy about 7 weeks old. So she's never been abused or neglected. She is very much loved in my home, I take her on walks regularly, give her treats, tons of attention, all of my friends and my boyfriend love her as if she were theirs!

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    A better question would be why you people are kissing her muzzle when she's showing you as clearly as she can that it makes her uncomfortable!

    Stop it. The dog's giving you fair warning that she doesn't like it and when you've forced her to bite, the dog's the one who's going to get the blame.

    A good many dogs don't like people in their faces. That's just the way it is.

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    Why are people kissing the dog on the muzzle? Its a very dominating move and is clearly making the dog upset and is going to end with someone being bitten in the face and the dog will be put down. Stop kissing the dog. Its not natural to the dog.

    And stop messing with the dog when it eats. No dog likes to messed with when it eats. Every time you mess with the dog while it eats you are only making it more possessive of its food and it will lead to a bite and the dog will have to be put down

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    How disgusting...why would 2 people hug and kiss a damn dog? Its an animal, different needs and wants from a human, treat it like the animal it is before it bites you or some other moron who has forgotten what a dog is supposed to be.

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