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Boxing: Thurman vs...?

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A) Thurman vs Timothy Bradley Jr... who would win?

B) Thurman vs Paulie Malinaggi... who would win?

C) Thurman vs Floyd Mayweather Jr... who would win?

D) Thurman vs Devon Alexander... who would win?

E) Who do you want Thurman to fight?

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  • 7 years ago
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    A) Thurman and Bradley are both smart fighters but i think the differencr maker would be Thurman and his size and reach advantages.

    Keith Thurman by UD.

    B) Keith Thurman has the speed Maliganggi has plus power ,when Maliganggi is in the heat of battle and see Thurman has fast feet to match his ,he will fold.

    Keith Thurman by 8th round TKO.

    C) Keith Thurman will give Mayweather all he can handle with his size plus speed but i think the more seasoned more experiance fighter would find a way to win.

    Floyd Mayweather by MD

    D) From a fans perspective ,of course i want to see Keith Thurman fight Mayweather ,from a promoters perspective i would try to fight someone like Pauli Malignggi ,Victor Ortiz or Shawn Porter.

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  • 7 years ago

    Thurman vs Bradley, Keith would win but Bradley would get a gift decision again

    Against Paulie by UD

    Against Mayweather Floyd would win UD

    Against Alex Thurman by TKO

    Source(s): I'd him like to fight Porter or winner of Maidana vs Broner.
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  • 7 years ago

    Thurman vs Bradley--Thurman by Split Decision. His aggression will win him the fight in a close contest.

    Thurman vs Paulie- Thurman VIA stoppage or UD

    Thurman vs Floyd- No match, Floyd by a long shot.

    Thurman vs Devon- Close fight, give the edge to Thurman

    Thurman should fight Paulie, make for a great match and legit fight. As I said Thurman can win via stoppage or UD, but Paulie will give him problems with skill, movement and speed

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    A) Timothy bradley jr. UD.

    B) Keith thurman UD

    C) Floyd mayweather jr. UD.

    D) Keith thurman late Tko. or UD.

    E) Keith thurman should fight Paulie malignaggi because it will be a battle between power and speed.

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