Getting into West Point?

I go to New Trier High School if any of you have heard of it, if you had pretty bad grades freshman year and the first half of sophomore year but then u have very great grades the rest of HS could u potentially get into West Point?

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    7 years ago
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    west point looks at freshmen, sophomore and junior grades.

    about half of their incoming freshmen are in the top 10% of their class in gpa. you could get away with being top 25% if you have great sats (1950+) and *maybe* with being in the top half if you had astounding sats (2100+)

    however, that doesnt mean community college is your only other option (NOT that theres anything wrong with cc if its right for you) - its ridiculous to tell someone that if they cant get into an extremely selective college that they have no other choices. use the link below to look for colleges you might be interested in. you will want your end of junior year gpa and your sats/acts to be within their median ranges.

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    Nope, West Point puts special emphasis on Freshman and Sophmore year grades. My mother is on the board of admissions for West Point and sometimes they don't even look at junior year grades. I would recommend the local community college.

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